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August 12, 2017 18:07

Laminate Walnut - in search of the unique money tree

laminate properties walnut

Laminate has proven itself in practical terms as durable and easy to assemble kind of a finishing material.Besides, it does not require painstaking care in the operation and gives the interior a noble room appearance and comfort.

used in the production of materials endow the final product ecological purity, as the technology involves the use of several layers of particle board and special surface treatments that have a positive effect on the longevity and stability of the material, without increasing its toxicity.

buying laminate color "nut" is selected if the floor arrangement, as in the bedroom for the adults and the child.wood structure underscores the excellent interior and is kind of a twist.But it is worth noting that the color is in the spectrum of its various shades.

But unfortunately, as with any material in the laminate have small flaws, namely - sonority.Due to the technology used in the production of panels, the room is provided by the increased gulkost, ie sh

arply push chair or fallen to the floor object is capable of resonating echo reflected from the surface.

Variety cover walnut

Laminate light walnut ideal for finishing rooms.He is able to make his appearance dark subjects interior shade unique and beneficial to emphasize them on your background.In addition, some designers use this color for the trim parts horizontal surfaces.Some interior is very successfully used for the coating and ceiling finishes.

Laminate walnut country has a noble chocolate color and is suitable for use in interiors with refined furniture made of natural wood and soft songs of dark skin.This laminate has a solemn and solid appearance.

Located in the living room, this type of coverage will provide the room necessary notes and allow you to feel comfortable after a hard day's work.

Laminate dark walnut has a nice dark brown color, emphasizes the benefit of the tree structure and allows you to see the fiber.This color is perfect for any room and fill the atmosphere of warmth and light thanks to the pleasant shade.

Laminate walnut has a very impressive number of shades, from rich chocolate and ending with a light gray.Thanks to this range is possible, based on the attractiveness of the interesting pattern of natural wood cut, it is necessary to pick up your interior color that will delight its owner with the proper operation of several decades.

champion strength - how to recognize it?

has the highest level of strength laminate 33 class, "nut" on its surface is well protected for a long time will not lose luster and appeal.Considering the premises, we can recommend to use this type of coverage in the hallway or in the kitchen, because it is not subject to abrasion.It is fair to note that this material can be successfully used as flooring in high traffic facilities.

Laminate strength of this class produce all the leading companies specializing in the manufacture of floor coverings.Depending on your preferences, you get high-quality material with ecologically clean and not harmful to health.

can say that this is the best option for commercial premises, and for the house.In areas of high terrain, he will faithfully serve only 5 years old, and home life can be up to 20 years.Besides, even in the case of commercial premises, this is a kind of optimum by criterion of "price-quality", and simply let the house for a long time to feel hard, but beautiful "ground" under our feet.