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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to reduce the doorway without much effort

How to reduce the width and height of the doorway

Reduced interior doors doorway personally

In order to reduce the width of the aperture you need to increase the overlap with one or two sides.At home, it is possible to perform, using such materials:

  1. Bricks.
  2. Cbits.
  3. Plasterboard sheets.

Depending on the thickness of the walls and laying the technology, as well as the wishes of the homeowner, the material chosen.In addition, make a plan and count how many supplies will be used.For reliability, you can seek help from a specialist in any hardware store, telling him the dimensions of your door.

Exact doorway size data can be obtained only by removing the door and door frame, and does not crumble to the opening on the damaged areas to put cement.

Complete removal of the door and the door frame

below give you the two versions reduce interior doors opening using simple and known to all building materials.

narrowing of interior passage using Cbit and brick

Sobit and bricks - good materials in a plant for prefabricated houses and flats with large walls.Naturally, the coating is

more durable than plasterboard.

Brick and sorbitol styling doorway

For installation require certain building materials:

  • bucket of cement and water.
  • Building level and measuring tape.
  • mixer for mortars (suitable conventional wooden stick).
  • spatula (metal and rubber) and trowel.
  • rubber hammer.
  • iron valves with a diameter of 4 cm.
  • metal hacksaw.
  • bars of wood for the laying of the top doorway.
  • Putty.

Step 1: preparation and training

solution First you need to cook or buy a solution, which will strengthen the brick.If you can do yourself, mix sand, cement and water to a medium density mass.The optimum ratio of materials - ¼ to ¾ of cement sand, but if you are not confident in their abilities, it is better buy a solution in-market system.

Preparation of a cement slurry using a mixer construction

Step 2: strengthening the work surface and walls

Laying bricks and Sobit carried out solely on the smooth surface.Therefore, between the wall and the masonry is often placed fittings for mounting and for it - bars.The rods are cut down to size with a hacksaw.

The principle of placing reinforcement in the wall

Step 3: How to put a brick

proceeds to lay the bricks, using a spatula, hammer, trowel and level.Pre-prepared solution is put a trowel in composition tapped with a rubber hammer, that he lay down tightly and firmly rests.

Bricklaying indoors

Step 4: bars space for mounting the valve

If you plan to reduce the height of the door by means Sobit and brick, you should install the wooden bar for the valve on which it is, in fact, will be held, andonly after the start laying bricks.If you do not, the clutch may fall off.

The bars for mounting on top of the brick doorway

Step 5: grout joints and fixing on the wall

Naturally, the seams of the laying of bricks and Sobit are strongly visible, so they should be treated with putty and plaster.As soon as it dries - eliminate the bars and set at the opening of the door box.

Shpatlevanie surface

video views, the example of the window, you will learn how to lay bricks in the doorway.

How to reduce the passage to the door plasterboard

This technique is considered to be the easiest to implement and suitable for wooden and concrete walkways.Besides the material cheap and accessible for every visitor convenience store operation.

addition to the material need these tools:

  • Building level.
  • drill, hammer and screws.
  • Roulette.
  • Clay.
  • metal hacksaw.
  • Cutter
  • primer solution and putty.

Step 1: marking the opening of the future and securing the profile

layout of the building is carried out level, measuring tape and a pencil.A very important point, because the markup must comply with an opening door purchased.To this marking using a drill and screws securing the top and bottom profile.

Step 2: Capacity

drywall constructions This is accomplished by installing a sheet of drywall on each side of the wall.But first you need to measure and cut them with a cutter.And on the wall sheet is attached with glue (silicone or torque).For floor and ceiling should be set along the opening two profiles, which also attach a sheet of drywall, but already with screws.Then the design is applied to the soil and filler.

Fixing plasterboard to profiles

Step 3: Reduce the height

opening for the height you need to install two profiles at the point where you want the door basket, on both sides of the wall.Then tie on two profiles to the ceiling and above the door, and after these profiles with screws to install plasterboard.

Below you can see the video of the master deftly creates a plaster structure to reduce the doorway.

Good luck with the repair!