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August 12, 2017 18:07

The front door and the slopes : the right finish - the key to success

How to make the slopes on the front door

complete the stage door of the installation and now you can begin to work on the slopes finish.If the front door is installed by professionals, the slopes have to be mounted on its own.To work later proved quality, you need to understand what the slopes are more suitable in terms of the design space.If you are confident in your choice - feel free to get to work.For maximum clarity, the text will be accompanied by a photo.

Finishing slopes of doors:

steps to finish the process of installing door slopes was the most clear, you need to identify the main processing steps slopes doors:

  1. sealing the door of the box.
  2. cleaning surface.
  3. Plastering.
  4. Fa├žade work.

Step 1. Sealing

The first stage - the sealing of the box front door, not only on the outside but on the inside.Reliable sealing of the door opening at the initial stage - the need for which the result will be stored in a house or apartment warmth and protection from extraneous noise.Thus, the

first stage - the most important in the whole process of installing slopes, since he provides the insulation space.


  • Prepare an opening near the boxes, which are thoroughly cleaned of dust and debris.For best quality cleaning its opening can be vacuumed.This is necessary for a better bond with the surface heater.
  • After that the insulation.Consider two options:
  1. Using foam.Foam application is accompanied by wetting the surface of the water, which can take a spray bottle . After drying the foam needs to be carefully cut with a sharp knife.


Note: foam as a result of contact with a flat surface, increases several times, which threatens to damage of the front surface.Therefore, carefully follow the job.

  1. With the use of a heater.The most appropriate for the application of a synthetic insulation, since it practically does not change the shape or sags over time, which is typical of many natural ingredients.Before placing the material in the holes, it is cut into several pieces.Note: the material does not need to push with force, welcomed accurate placement.Do not allow compression to prevent strong deformation, or is threatened with loss of its properties.But, nevertheless, the material should lie firmly.

Step 2: Prepare the surface

  • Using brushes for metal products plane is cleared of the old coating, removes all dirt and bumps foam and plaster that would interfere with in the future.Get rid of the irregularities and possible means of a spatula, scraper or an iron punch.
  • examine the surface for any darkening or fungus.If necessary, the surface is treated with an antiseptic, to get rid of the fungus.Even if there is nothing on the surface, it makes the treatment - a preventative measure.
  • After cleaning the surface of the contact is treated with primer so that the slope was resistant to cracking and durable.For dry dirt fluid it takes at least 3-4 hours.Preference is given to a liquid with a deep penetrating ability.

Step 3. Plastering

most frequently applied method of finishing - plaster coating surface.This material is advantageous, besides finishing work with them under the force of each.After the insulation works and the preparation of the surface is necessary to carry out work in this order:

  • kneading solution includes two ingredients - cement, sand, and their ratio is strictly 1: 3.In a container with a flat bottom is necessary to fill the cement mix it with sand and mix dry.Since substances are mixed evenly.
  • simultaneously stirring, in the capacity of water is added.
  • In order to achieve a homogeneous mass, you need to stir the contents with a drilling machine beater.

Note: The sand tends to settle and to avoid this added to laundry detergent in it.This guarantees the homogeneity of the mixture for a long time.

  • At the beginning of the solution is taken to apply a narrow spatula.Do not apply a thick layer, it is better to put a little more layers.Cant you must putty angle.
  • After completing the main part of the need to take a wide spatula, exceeding the width of the slope length.The solution was applied on a thin layer plane.
  • next step - floating solution using a grater, wetted with water periodically.
  • When in the process of deep sinks in problem areas added to the solution.
  • After that, the plane must be completely dry.Next, on the surface of the primer layer is applied and implemented painting.It should be noted the practicality of such slopes, because they are beyond repair.Painting is performed in the most suitable color.

Step 4. Finishing slope

Before the front door to make the slopes, you must determine the type of finish.The most popular materials: wood, drywall, plaster and plastic.For each material type algorithm finishing work is somewhat different.

In any case, the attachment plates of these materials are required, matched in size.Fastening is made to the frame, that is made of wood slats that are installed across the entire width and length of the slope.

Important: at the beginning of the work carried out lining a wooden surface, which are used antiseptics that can prevent rot and mildew.The material, which strips are installed, must be dried.So


  • With a tape measure perimeter strips, then cut the desired size.
  • to the main plane connection is done through the gun.After mounting holes made on the dowels.

What do the slopes at the door - the most common materials

Fastening done and it's time to trim.virtually identical, but there are some nuances for different materials mounting principle.

  • If you want a thicker layer of the mixture, it is advisable to use a plasterboard panel for mounting.Such material is connected with the plane through the use of screws, which is accompanied by exposure of the cap by a few millimeters to the drywall surface.The final stage of the lining - filler panel and her painting.
  • Supplement to the door will be MDF panel mount that comes with the use of screws.Taking a drill, it is possible to make a few holes into which screw zasverlivaetsya below from the plane.To close the holes in advance acquire the plastic plugs.Be careful when performing measurements!
  • Another treatment material - laminate, attractive in appearance.For facing to start are the measures taken and of the laminate sheet are cut out of the plate.Mounting takes place using screws.

Moreover, often for the slopes and the selected materials such as plastic, wood, plaster.Wood - the most popular material, harmoniously blends into any room design.

main thing we should not forget that, after fixing any holes plate located on the part of the box are closed.Suitable for this will become the corners of wood or plastic, which can buy in any hardware store.

Thus, work on installing the slopes is not too complicated.The only thing you need to do everything slowly and observing simple rules.

What do the slopes at the door - the most common materials