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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to remove scratches on the door

Before working

To begin the process of removing scratches and chips with doors need to get a certain number of tools and materials:

  • Wax for furniture.
  • solid wax.
  • rag of felt.
  • Furniture bar.
  • knife.

Ways performance

Work on the removal of scratches and chips on the apartment door may consist of several aspects:

  • Embossing Soft furniture wax.
  • processing space cleaved alcohol marker.
  • use of a solid wax.
  • difference from the solid wax soft.Using furniture
  • stroke.
  • Application technology furniture stroke.

Description aspects removal of cracks and chips

1 aspect.Application of soft furniture wax.With the help of this material can be repaired and the mask virtually any scratch on the door.The process of waxing is done with a spatula or knife edge.Dried material residues can be removed using the same spatula or a piece of plastic.In the form of a piece of plastic, you can use the plug on the furniture.The advantages of using plastic materials in removing the remaining extra pieces

of wax lies in the fact that the plastic does not leave on the surface of the door unnecessary damage, which will also have to be removed in the future.

Description aspects of removal of cracks and chips

2 aspect.Processing space cleaved alcohol marker.There are situations when MEND material has a visual structure which is most similar to a tree.In this case, the treated surface may be masked with wax using alcohol markers.It is better if the work will be used by several markers of different colors.This will help to approximate the treated surface to the natural tone of the door surface.

Description aspects of removal of cracks and chips

3 aspect.The use of solid wax.Using this type of material is associated with chipped and scratched on surfaces made of wood or laminate coating.Solid troops ensures water resistance of the field on which it has been applied in the process of restoration of certain damages.

Description aspects of removal of cracks and chips

4 aspect.The difference from the solid wax soft.Unlike solid wax soft based on several positions.Hard wax is not available for purchase as soft.This type of wax must be melted before working with a lighter or torch.Hard wax does not have so many colors in its execution as soft.The high level of adhesion is achieved only if the wax cool down immediately after application.

5 aspect.Using furniture stroke.This method of eliminating scratches and chips on the door surface is very effective.Furniture bar can be found in the sale of finished furniture stores.It is used by applying to the damaged area.Unnecessary components are removed using a cloth.

Description aspects of removal of cracks and chips

Thus, the article described the basic aspects and characterized remove cracks and chips from the doors.