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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to change the interior doors

Before working

Work to replace the doors or installing webs can in the shortest possible time and with high quality to perform salaried workers.But in this case, will have to spend quite a large sum for this event.If it was decided to make a substitution with your hands, you will be useful for a step by step manual installation of interior doors, presented slightly lower.

In order to begin work on the replacement of interior doors, you need to prepare materials:

  • doors.
  • Box (ludka).
  • plat (if needed).
  • Wooden wedges.
  • Construction foam.
  • Accessories.
  • Self.

Prepare also the simplest tools:

  • screwdriver.
  • screwdriver.
  • Hacksaw (if frames need to be cut at an angle of 45 degrees).
  • Nailing.

Step by Step performance

Work on replacement of interior doors is made up of several turn-based events:

  1. Selecting proper door leaf, trim and accessories, if they are not included.
  2. Dismantling of old doors.
  3. Dismantling the box.
  4. Installation of a new box.
  5. Canopy bed on a new box.
  6. exits.


Step 1: choice door (material, design)

Doors may be made of different materials.It can be artificially produced invoices that beauty and strength in no way inferior wood.However, you can select and articles of real wood and finished with wood veneer.

This will be by far the most prestigious and massive doors, the most cheap - artificial.Externally, they are often very similar, so the priority in this case would be the financial capacity and plans for the life of the (wooden door will last many times longer).

Some materials can render and important decorative role.In particular, this glass and various rare materials.

Step 1: The selection of the door (the material , design)

Step 2: make room for the new web

The first step is to remove the old door off its hinges.This is one of the easiest stages of work, but it is best to perform it in the presence of an assistant, because the door itself is cumbersome and it can damage the surrounding interior.

To dismantle this plat.After viewing the loop: a classical variant cloth to remove is not difficult.Just open it and lift: the web comes off itself.If you are in an apartment more complex loops certainly have to unscrew the screws, which are attached to the box.

Step 2 : make room for the new web

Step 3: dismantling of interior door frame

with a hacksaw is necessary to make cuts in the side uprights of the door frame.After the above work, the door frame is easy to remove, hooking a claw hammer or a crowbar (in fact, it simply break out).This should be done very carefully so as not to destroy the adjacent wall.

Step 3 : dismantling of interior door frame

Step 4: install new ludku

assembly of new door box should produce on the floor, with the best use of the new door as a template.Bond uprights is best done with the help of screws.To doorframe tighter kept interior doors in the opening, it is necessary to use wooden wedges.

Step 4 : install new Lutkov

Step 5: installation of a new interior door to the apartment

After installing the boxes need to priladit door leaf and check how it is kept up and running.If necessary, make additional repairs and greasy work.

Step 6: interior doors replacing the final

After installation it is necessary to strengthen the door frame using foam.After drying, the foam must be cut protruding elements and set the trim, if the change is also provided.Next is to attach door hardware on the door.

Thus, the article has been described and characterized the process of replacing interior doors with their hands.