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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make an arched area

What is the corner arched doorway

What is the corner arched doorway

arches connecting the space adjacent spaces, replacing the rectangular doorways, rounded niches in walls and partitions attached to the unique design of the interiors.Standard hard corner elements in this case, can not do to protect the protruding edge, so you have to look for a material suitable for the finishing of complex structures.Finish at this point would quickly wear, wear away the paint, wallpaper terminate, and at the joints come unstuck.This problem can be solved by setting the corner arch.It protects against wear and mechanical damage to this part of the opening, emphasize smooth lines, shape design, it will give the design a more elegant look.

Material is:

  • wood;
  • metal;
  • plastic (PVC profile);
  • cork.

According to the construction of forums, in the practice of plastic variant is used more often.In addition to decorative, decoration has a protective function: as the casing, it prevents abrasion of paint, wallpaper, etc.

One-piece shelves, perforat

ed (perforation is made for convenience when mounting), the other - from individual trapezoidal segments, too, with perforation.This special design allows to bend the material to the desired radius, and create any curves.Thus, it can be treated as a false ceiling circular element and an aperture of complex shape.

Tip: When selecting the color of the material, note the color finish of the room, the color of the curtains on the window, and other decoration items.Harmoniously matched color accents will add comfort to your home.

What is the corner arched doorway

Flexible angle arched opening in the finishing

elastic material is an ideal component for finishing of openings, niches and windows of any size, as well as other curvilinear designs.Trapezoid segments of one of the parties (the shelves) bracket allows to move from the inner to the outer radius.It is used to create forms and protect the edges of curved surfaces of architectural elements, it creates a soft smooth silhouette.The length of three meters allows for seamless hardware, which also has a positive effect on the aesthetics.Installation is quick and simple: fixed on elements of plasterboard construction segments dissected shelves steel braces with special staple gun.After installation, the design must be covered with putty.After the surface is polished.

Flexible corner arched opening in the finish Flexible corner arched opening in the finish

Buy arched area can be a specialized hardware store or on the construction market.

Finish area arches

Today, there are a great variety of finishes rounded openings.This method is really simple and practical.The varied color of the material allows to combine it with elements of interior decoration.

that you may need:

  • arch area;
  • mounting adhesive for plastic or cork (depending on material);
  • decor;
  • metal studs without hats;
  • hermetic processing;
  • glue (liquid nails);
  • rubber hammer.

Finishing corner arches

Surface Preparation for installation

corner of First and foremost, you need to clear the arch from dirt and dust, and immediately before the installation finishes degrease the place of its fastening.Carrying out these works it is necessary for a reliable installation.

If the opening just plastered, make sure to it that as a result of the work is not crumbled plaster.It should be free of cracks, it should be smooth and uniform.If the plaster has any violations (chips, cracks, bumps), carefully remove the damaged layer and put a new layer of plaster.Once the plaster dries, the surface must be sanded and then clean it from dust.Work on the installation of the brackets can be carried out only in a warm room without drafts.

finishing Fixing bracket on drywall and other surfaces

trim is mounted on a special adhesive or liquid nails.The adhesive or liquid nails should be applied to the inside of the corner.Since, in addition to the protective function, he will perform, and ornate, it should be selected by the tone lighter or darker than the main decoration, thus creating contrast.The opening in this manner, will look more original.

More on this in a video statement.

Now separately about installing protective plastic and cork finishing materials for indoor decorative three-dimensional structures.

Cork Area

Plastic corner

Cork - one of the most eco-friendly and resilient materials.Set it can be done independently.Most importantly, carefully perform the opening measurements, errors in dimensions of finished parts will be impossible to fix.This can lead to distortion of parts.Before installing the trim should be carefully handle the surface of the wall, clean it from dust and be sure to degrease.The adhesive should be applied to the inner side of the sealing element, then it is necessary to wait 15-20 minutes for the material soaked glue.During installation, the plug is pressed against the surface of the entire area of ​​fit design.Try to press down the material evenly, gently putting him on the opening surface.Cork should give the maximum soak glue the wall, but you should try to avoid the formation of air bubbles or the adhesive itself.After the corners on all sides have to knock elastic rubber hammer to fit a more durable, excess glue can speak at the same time the edges (remove it immediately with a soft cloth).After installation of the material to the place you need to wait 2 hours for the adhesive to adhere as much as possible from the wall surface.

Plastic corner

Plastic corner

plastic corners more often than other materials used because of its cheapness, practicality and diversity.They are available in different colors, allowing you to emphasize a round opening in the interior of the apartment.Plastic trim can also be set independently: as in the previous case, the need to accurately measure all the parameters.The surface on which is mounted trim should be thoroughly cleaned.Before installation, the material should be degreased inside.The sealant, adhesive or special liquid nails need to apply a thin layer on the inner surface and then pressed tightly to the installation site.Excess glue immediately remove the cloth.Secure the material to mounting position and leave for 2 hours until the glue sets.

Tip: If you have chosen as the fixing liquid nails, it is better to buy them in minor or moderate strength, as strong strength nails can ruin the appearance of plastic, leave it on the stains, spots irregularities, destroy its structure.

If you have to finish a very heavy material, instead of a special glue is best to use thin metal studs without hats.Trying to drive their costs very carefully.First, you can do an ordinary hammer, hammering nails not to the end, and then use a rubber mallet to avoid damaging the plastic.Take this stage of work is very responsible, since the nailing on the plastic may crack.To avoid this, pre-mark the place where the will to hammer nails, distributing them across the length of the structure.Try to drive a nail straight, 90 degrees.Remember that the lift has already nailed area is extremely difficult, moreover, will be damaged decoration on the wall.

How and on what is fixed arch

Rounded openings - pretty popular element in architecture.The small apartments are increasingly combined space of two adjacent spaces by unit rounded openings.Different in shape, made from different materials, in the hallway, kitchen, interior partitions and blind niches, they create a unique shape and is filled with comfort home.

Plasterboard is the most common material for arranging bulk rounded designs.It is relatively easy, free bends and can take a variety of geometric shapes.

This opening can be collected from plasterboard elements on a metal or wooden frame, which in turn is attached to the wall.To do this, the selected aperture, you must install a metal or wooden frame made of vertical and horizontal profiles, which in the future will be mounted drywall, remove sizes for the manufacture of parts of the decorative element.And then carved out the elements of the opening of the sheets of drywall, assemble design.It will be rough, finishing requiring a plaster, putty and finishing coat.For the latter approach a variety of materials from latex paint and wallpaper to the stucco and stone.It is important to take care of durability and practicality, reinforcing the corners special building material.Ways to mount several, each of which has its pluses and minuses.

is important to know that each attachment method has its drawbacks:

  • liquid nails can cause stains;
  • worn on metal brackets or thin carnations, fasteners will be visible, which will affect the appearance;
  • when tightening self-tapping screws may appear chips or cracks in the plastic surface;
  • when tightening fasteners can be overdone, resulting in excessive bending of the material.

Tip: Do not mount the plastic corners for the arch at the wallpaper, no matter how well they are not kept on the wall.