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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to decorate the doorposts

What you need to decorate the interior doors and jambs

In order to begin work on the decoration of door jambs, it is necessary to prepare a number of tools and materials:

  • Emery.
  • Grinder.
  • Putty to work with wood.
  • Lac.
  • Stain.
  • wallpaper paste.
  • spatula.
  • Roller.
  • Old newspapers.

How to decorate the school: an action plan

job finishing doorposts may consist of several methods:

  • Decorating using coloring.
  • Finish using self-adhesive wallpaper.
  • Finish using old newspapers.

jamb trims: step by step guide.

first method.Finishing stocks using

painting before, begin the process of painting door jambs is necessary to make a few manipulations.
The first method .Finishing stocks using paint
The first method .Finishing stocks using paint

  • necessary to clean up the surface of the door jambs sandpaper.The process should produce the first small and then more coarse sandpaper.Also doorframe can be cleaned using a grinder or a drill with a paddle.
  • Next, you need to make the process of removing large defects.This process is performed with a special putty for working with wood.Car
    e should be taken to cover every crack or hole, then allow to dry and sanded using fine sandpaper.
  • Then you can apply paint or varnish, depending on the type that you want to bring to the doorjamb.

The first method .Finishing stocks using paint

second method.How to decorate the door jamb or door jamb without wallpaper

This process is done in several steps.

  • Before you start, remove the door from its hinges.Then you need to treat the surface as well as prior to painting and varnishing or paint.
  • In the process of gluing must be carefully cut pieces of film and carefully glue them to the desired location.Long vertical pieces to be glued gradually removing the protective film from the top down.Priglazhivanie Bonded materials can be produced with a roller or spatula, wrapped with a cloth.
  • In the formation of small bubbles in the film, they must be immediately pierced with a needle and smooth roller or spatula.

The third way.How to sheathe jamb using newspapers

The third method.How to sheathe jamb using newspapers
This process is performed in the following order:

  • Newspapers need to chop and place in a container with water.Then all this is a good whip with a mixer or a drill with a special nozzle.Whipping is until smooth.Then, the resulting product must fill wallpaper paste and carefully move to form a creamy mass.
  • surface of the door frame must be pre-cleaned.Then you should apply the resulting mass in the joint 3-5 mm thick.Then you need to make the process of forming a pattern.You can use the cushion with buttons attached to it.It is necessary to roll out mass on the doorjamb.
  • Next, you need to dry the surface.After complete drying, you can apply coloring material.It can be a stain or paint.It is also possible to use lacquer.

Thus, the article described and characterized a number of ways of refining the door frame in the living room.