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August 12, 2017 18:07

Entrance metal doors - not an easy task


modern market is full of different offers.At low prices you will be given and the call gager, and the installation and subsequent repair in case of breakage.Price equivalent - 1300-1500 rubles.But only a year warranty.Surely, nothing good can be expected from them.

However, there are firms that do answer you all the questions and explain that to lure low price covers only the most primitive metal doors, and all the more serious of steel or aluminum with different facilities and fortifications are more expensive.

But even for little money you can put a good front doors, metal, install two locks with keys large garage-type, eye and pen.Upholstery again the same synthetic, under the skin.Weight is not less than 100 kg - a lot of weight for those owners who have children in the family.

Important!For each additional desired feature is for you to pay.

Why pay more?

sound and heat insulation:

  • Batting - 100 rub .;
  • Mineral wool - 200 rub .;
  • Foam - 300 rub .;
  • Microflex - 400 rubles.

Obviously the same as the thicker your door, so it is more expensive and more reliable.

also additional means you will take more and castles.

pricing policy on the locks:

  • Italian - 1200-2500 rubles.
  • Turkish - 500-1500 rubles.

During the installation will have to pay the bill separately.

will have to pay and for beauty.The standard upholstery - mourning black, but for an additional 50-100 rubles can be ordered brown, burgundy, blue or green.The only question that everyone has different tastes.

Entrance metal doors

Brochures write that during the installation you can increase the doorway.Yes, it is, but will have to pay an additional 40% to the total cost.Expand doorways need to ensure that it was possible to carry through it all appliances, and a standard doorway 2 m high and 80 cm in width does not allow to miss the large equipment and furniture.

Rates at expanding the opening up of the concrete 300-1000 rubles.

So, when you consider all of these costs, your front door get twice as much as the original price, that is 2-3 thousand. Rub.

Strong metal entrance doors

middle class

price category Next door entrance metal - is 200 - $ 400.This category includes not only a higher price, but also a high level of service, choice of palette.In comparison with the previous category, these products can be viewed and literally "feel" in stores and hardware stores pavilions.In these stores the consultants will give you advice about the system of production and order according to your wishes.

These doors are much more diverse.They can be decorated:

  • laminitis, which will cost you $ 100 on one side.
  • MDF panel from 130 dollars.
  • Oak veneer and mahogany - from 200 dollars.
  • natural wood - $ 230 per square.m.

Also, it can be installed much more eye with a display in the 140 to 200 degrees.Regarding the locks, it can be equipped with two types - lever and cylinder.

first - it is difficult to beat, so reliable in case your home is often missing.The second is often called simply an additional, as it keeps the security only during the day and locked just-opened.Knock it easier to pick up the pick and also reveal not difficult.Experts recommend close to both the castle at least at night.

Entrance doors of the middle class

number of crossbars

favorite question of all users - is the question of how crossbars can close that to be safe.

Rigel come in two shapes: rectangular and cylindricity.It is recommended not less than 4 crossbars on the side of the castle and one up and down.The most reliable method of protection when the bolt starts to work on the motion of the handle and key.

Over 2,500 rubles to buy a door with bolts (without upholstery), turn 3 and turn the two domestic locks.

For 3500 rubles you install the protection with 2 locks, only one domestic and imported second, opening the key with laser marks or punched cards.

also an interesting thing for safety is the anchor system in which during the closing tertsevye metal pins included in the round hole in the box and block passage.With hinges to remove them - is fantastic.

Number of crossbars on the front door

Where to order?

  1. small firms.Make products from $ 200 to $ 400 per item.Individual approach in small manufacturing plants.Work is carried out artisanal, without the involvement of high-quality equipment.Often manually installed because the openings soon oslabevayut.Oni difficult to close and the apartment can get strange sounds.
  2. large enterprises.Production on the stream, and pricing ranges from 200 to 1000 dollars.Perform quality products, because the carefully check the quality of steel, stiffness and strength, make precise measurements of sheets.Manufacturing is done by machines, because resistance is provided by the structure.Welding dot automatic.Result - tight closure and durability.

Where to order the input metal doors

No weapons!

There are 4 classes of protection:

  1. impossible to open with the help of physical capabilities.
  2. impossible to open by means of various instruments, other than electric.
  3. impossible to open with the help of all the instruments and even electric, power less than 500 watts.
  4. impossible to penetrate even the bullets of any type of small arms.Should such protection from 150 to 600 dollars.

The reliability of the input metal doors