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August 12, 2017 18:07

Plastic slopes with their own hands

installation of plastic slopes

begins installation of plastic slopes with their own hands with a thorough clearing of window openings, which eliminated the remnants of the old slopes.Perform Plastic slopes with their own hands must be very careful to not spoil the remains of glazed and do not scratch the plastic.

Next, cut the mounting foam protruding from the seam and then proceed to work on the framework.As it is necessary to use fastening galvanized perforated plate, that is, direct suspension, which is used when working with plasterboard.The frame must be made of wood, which is to be treated beforehand with special antifungal and hydrophobic compositions.

Plastic slopes with their own hands

A tree is used because it has a lower thermal conductivity than the metal profile, and even with it very convenient to work, you can do the job yourself.The tree is very easy to process, and it is attached to the plastic using stapler, screws screwed a standard screwdriver.

Plastic slopes with their own hands

Next to the wall with scr

ews fastened plastic plates, and you can still use a dowel 2-3 cm in length and with a diameter of 6 mm.Next, using screws fasten rails, first one side and then the other.With the help of self-tapping screws to press the puck or stapler attached rails plastic profiles.Then it is necessary to adjust the size of the plastic strip and insert it into the grooves of the profile.

worth knowing that the transverse arrangement of the plastic lining her last panel is adjusted so that when filled slope, lining did not go to the profile of 3-5 mm, where it can move inside of 7-9 mm.After that, all you need to insert a plate to fill in repose, except the penultimate and last.Next, you need to insert the last plate and slide it all the way, so she went into the profile.

The last step is to insert the penultimate plate, pulling the last bit of the plate, after the need to close the gap between them.

's all operations, which help to make plastic slopes with their own hands.They can also be warm moisture-proof insulation, filling out this material under vacuum panels.