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August 12, 2017 18:07

Slopes of foam - an alternative to the classic materials

advantages over "classic»

slopes - a special system that allows you to close the gaps between the facade and window.Installing them is done after replacing the windows.Its purpose is to seal the window from moisture, heat loss areas and eliminate drafts.When the wizard window replacement, which makes this work is not always mount slopes, and are limited to installing the window.In this case, polyurethane foam, which keeps the screen very quickly become unusable, and any gap.

Previously, slopes were made of plaster, different mixes and paint, but the technology is not reliable, as the concrete crumble with time.Also, some people use of plastic panels, but they are not suitable for this purpose, since under the influence of atmospheric precipitations deformed.Today, for the slope use of plastic materials, metal and foam.They have a number of advantages:

  • Longer lifetime;
  • not rust and does not lose its shape;
  • increases the degree of insulation of windows;
  • Easy to install;
  • They give aesthetic appea
    rance of the window.

the cutting sheets of foam trim foam

window begins with the cutting of the material.Dimensions slopes entirely will depend on the size of the window.It should be borne in mind that they should be planted in the entire depth.Cutting the material, all the parts are interconnected by means of an adhesive.For this purpose, adhesive is applied to the joints and left for a few minutes.Thereafter, the preform are connected, highly compressed and left for about an hour to dry the mixture.

Note!We need to stick together two parts, not all slopes in one design.

For greater strength foam is its reinforcement of fiberglass.For this, he cut bandwidth preform slope.Fasten the strip using a stapler and enhanced adhesive.Once the glue is dry, the reinforcement layer is covered with putty.You can also first be applied to the foam putty, glue the reinforcement and the top has just putty.On the inner faces of the slope reinforcement glued with an overlap - the "tails" and then glued to the wall.

Step installation slopes

Window soffits Styrofoam with their hands are mounted as follows:

  1. soil wall, and on the spot gluing foam is rubbed into the surface of the adhesive to improve adhesion;
  2. glue material is applied with a spatula with a tooth 10 millimeters;
  3. prepared slope glued to his seat.Vertical and horizontal level is checked;
  4. joints between the different parts is required prokleivat;
  5. Then sealed with putty the cracks between the slopes and the wall.

Important!Place in the tide must be well greased with glue, so that it fills all the cracks.

Once all the details are attached, they applied a layer of putty.First, a thin layer, which is attached to fiberglass.At the corners are attached special corner profiles.After that, apply a second coat of plaster, which is necessary to align the quality.

After drying, a layer of plaster facade paint primer is conducted.One coat of paint will be enough.To protect the glass from dirt can be pasted mounting tape.The installation of slopes completed, and can be mounted in the window sill.To better understand how to mount the slopes of the foam, the video on this topic can be found and repeat themselves.