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August 12, 2017 18:07

Professional foam - studying diversity

What is foam?

According to its versatility and applicability in different parts of the construction works foams occupy an important place.Indeed, for a long time have become commonplace, these compositions make it possible to quickly and securely to seal and strengthen the door and window boxes in the joints of the walls of openings.

Mounting foam polyurethane foam sealants are.In fact, the liquid polymer, leaving the packaging cylinder under the influence of the displacing gas is polymerized by contacting with the natural atmospheric moisture, and the observed mass volume expansion is more than three times.

What, by the way, and identifies strong recommendations from experts that foam assembly building filled sealable seam is not more than a third of its depth.

Such recommendation into account not only the ability to expand in the polymerization and solidification of large mass, which in combination may lead to disruption of the geometry and the initial installation in the opening of the window or

door frame.Therefore, in addition to the recommended filling the joints, it is necessary to apply specific reinforcing structures and spacers in boxes at the time of solidification of the filling composition.

Species diversity of foams and their properties

Given the great demand, manufacturers produce different kinds of compositions for foam.All the division into different types of fairly conventional.So, depending on the accompanying attachments and opportunities already mentioned guns, talking about professional and consumer formulations.

Different household foam that is equipped with a special plastic tube, is much cheaper and is designed for small amounts of work done.Unlike the consumer, professional allows you to perform the scope of work is several times more.The ability to use expands application pistols to the most remote areas with a much more economical foam spending.And the volume of the container professional packing more than at home.

Depending on the polymerization temperature to speak of summer, winter and all-season foams.For summer, the minimum operating temperature at which the polymerisation is still possible quality, is about five degrees Celsius.For winter this limit is lower at minus fifteen degrees Celsius.

Obviously, such a polyurethane foam for outdoor use is more appropriate.It should be noted that for both the upper limit is 35 at Celsius.But a wider operating temperature range distinguishes season foams from minus ten to plus forty Celsius.Data referred to the liquid state.Polymerized foam safely tolerate fluctuations from minus fifty to ninety-plus Celsius.

And then, no matter what happens foam assembly, it must be said that all of its species can not tolerate exposure to the ultraviolet part of the spectrum (in direct sunlight).What causes the need for compulsory isolation and protection of the weld connection in different ways: plastering, painting, aprons, Shpatlevanie or others.

This should be done after complete polymerization, it is usually complete within eight hours.And, in spite of the temperature ranges, it is not recommended to work in the cold foams.Due to the low temperature low humidity is not conducive to the declared time of polymerization.

foam component and rules for dealing with it

Most foams meets the basic requirements: adhesiveness, low shrinkage after cured, high ductility, low brittleness (including frost).There is a one-component and two-component polyurethane foam.First - polyurethane, in its composition contains a complex composition of a prepolymer component, retarding combustion additives, plasticizers propellants.

contained therein free isocyanate causes a reaction with atmospheric moisture, resulting in polymerization of the released balloon composition.As already mentioned, the final curing process takes about eight hours.two component assembly foam differs rapid polymerization.According to the manufacturer, this time can be anywhere from four minutes to a quarter of an hour.In most packaging components are mixed by actuation of a special activation lever and shaking the container.

Quick response, some foams leads to avalanche polymerization, when after just four minutes lost adhesiveness of the mixture, and after 15 minutes, the composition can be cut through the joint.However, as indicated by manufacturers, for complete hardening composition still needs about two hours.

In addition, the claimed temperature range of the liquid mixture - from minus thirty to eighty-plus Celsius.In the application of the cylinders must be considered simple rules.So, more difficult and inconvenient for the job is "zapenivat" in the first place until the cylinder pressure is high enough, and foam comes out well.In the sun and in a more "dry" time of day works best not to hold.

Before applying the foam treatment area should be moderately moisturize.In the course of applying the composition should be uniform and minimal.It is better to carry out the application of the additional layer (after pre-wetting the surface of the previous).

should be remembered that even very accurate trimming Speaking of foam on the seam changes the structure of the latter, reducing its strength and leads to the need for additional protection measures.In any case, without making such safeguards work with the joints of foam can not be considered complete.