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August 12, 2017 18:07

The film on the windows - improving the "eyes " of our house

Overview window film market

In the construction market of which there are several types: decorative, sun, sound-proofing, fire-resistant, vandal-proof, energy-saving and others.And very often they combine several properties.For example, matte sticker weakens sunlight and at the same time prevents the penetration of outside view from the street.

Some of these species are generalized name and for its intended purpose can be divided into smaller groups.So, the kind of "decorative vandal-proof film on windows" has features such as anti-shock protection, protection against burglary, against debris, firearms, listening, etc.

The main types of films for glass

Tint film for windows, or as it is called, the sun, holds 99% of harmful UV spectrum of sunlight, while preventing overheating of the room.Decorative film is pasted on the inside and, in addition to complement the interior space, depending on the selected type can perform some protective functions: from the bright sunlight of the fragments from

the observation from the street, etc.

special film from the sun not only weakens the effect of the sun's rays, but additionally in the winter plays the role of energy-saving, because it prevents heat loss of the building.

should be noted that this is not always the item is pasted on the inside of the window.So, depending on the method of manufacture and the effectiveness of their performance matt sun protection film on windows can be bonded and from the outside.If self-adhesive film for windows, the installation of its much easier.It is mounted on the glass with a special layer, which must be activated.In the production of the film surface is coated with this adhesive composition and closes liner.

As window film should properly be glued?

Pasting window film does not require special skills and can be performed independently.This will require: a staple tool for cleaning windows, a sharp knife and hand spray.Installation of the film is only on the warm glass, so the temperature must be at least 5 degrees Celsius.Do not do it, and on a hot day under the scorching rays of the sun, because the film is heated, it becomes elastic, and can tear.

spray bottle to the glass surface of the film and the adhesive is applied to a thin layer of a mixture of water and liquid soap.The latter does not give her the right stick firmly, and you can give the whole picture of the desired position. After applying the film to the glass, it is smoothed by means of staples removed bubbles.

somewhat different taping windows is carried out anti-vandal film.She pasted using harvested before the beginning of the work of a special composition, which is applied to the sheet and dissolves the adhesive base on its surface.The glasses before mounting necessarily wash and dry - moisture between the glass and the film should not be in any case!

then applied tape and align it on the glass, staple remove air bubbles.There is also important temperature control - no less than 5 degrees above zero Celsius.For complete drying of vandal-proof protection is required from 3 to 4 months, and mechanical stress during this period on the window should be minimal.