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August 12, 2017 18:07

Dream Master of all trades - wooden windows with their hands


Since the production of the window, you need to pay more attention to the material.It is recommended not to use the whole board or timber and glued timber.Such material allows further avoid buckling of the window and its shrinkage during drying of wood.The window consists of a box, which is tightly attached to the window opening and the frame with glass.For boxes are best suited board section 50h150 millimeters.You can use the bar section 50x50 mm for the manufacture of a solid frame.Sizes should be selected based on the size of the opening.For panes selected small board.

Important!All wooden materials to be used in the assembly of the window should be well dried.

came to the window as possible quality and beautiful, you need to pay special attention to some points of technical production.At home, do not get a window that will meet the high requirements of tightness and sound insulation, so to be installed in the bedrooms, in the kitchen, in the hall, they are of little use.But for less

demanding facilities such as sauna, balcony, porch, handmade windows will be a reliable barrier to the environment.In addition, the wooden windows are sweating because of the lack of reliable sealing, which is another factor against the installation of a residential area.

wooden windows with their hands: a step by step collect

The trick lies in the manufacture of window casements.It serves as a spacer between the glasses design and provides a place for rail and seal.The optimal distance is considered to be one centimeter between the panes.For the frame, you can use wood from pine, oak, hornbeam, other varieties are not very suitable for this purpose.

  • Measure the perimeter of the opening and added another 10%;
  • The material is cut;
  • boards are cut at an angle to get the first slot;
  • for fixing parts used screws with coarse thread and flat cap, which is desirable utaplivat.

further made of glass cutting.Make it is not difficult, but there are a few important points.First, the glass must be free of defects, strong and clean.Before cutting it should be a little grease.Second, the need to cut one motion, after which the glass is moved on the table and break in two. Important!All work is to be performed with the glass in protective glasses and gloves.

After that the glass is inserted into the frame to check the sizes match.Then it is removed, and in its place put the sealant.A frequent question - why the sweat wooden windows?Sweat it just because of poor sealing, so you need to use a high-quality sealant and well laid him.After treatment, the glass sealant is inserted back.Next, put bead and tighten the screws slowly, starting from the middle.

Finishing work

assembly bases window completed.Accessories for wooden windows in our time is not a problem, because in any specialized shop you can find absolutely any handle and locks.You can also use accessories from old windows if it is in good condition.In order to close the holes for the screws in their place, you can install decorative handles.When all the accessories will be installed, ready to box you need to varnish or paint.

should also like to say a seal.Experts recommend to apply the sealant as previously described.However, you can apply for more protection from the weather putty when the sealant dries.To do this it is best to use the traditional plaster, as some of its species are very poorly erased from the glass.The windows are wooden, the size of which can be both standard and non-standard, made using this technology will be able to more than one year to ensure reliable sealing and does not cause fogging of glasses.

Note!Paint windows need a couple of days after drying putty.