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August 12, 2017 18:07

Window sills - Installation Guide

What parameters should have window sill?

Manufacture of window sills can be made from different materials: natural and synthetic stones, various plastics, laminate, wood, etc.In the design sample special sill gutters should be provided, and employees called Dripstone just for removal of moisture.Normalized

their depth, width and distance from the front side of the board, are respectively 8, 10 and 20 millimeters.The width of a bottom board depends on the thickness (base) of the wall of the window opening.The length of the overlap should provide window opening, on the average, not less than 60 millimeters on each side.The edges of the boards are got in the side walls of the opening, or for finishing its internal slopes.

As a rule, are located under the window heating radiators, so set the sill can and should extend beyond the edge of the wall, on the average, no more than 60 millimeters.This requirement is due to the type of convection heating air, heated by the radiator rises, creating a kind of a h

eat shield between the colder glass in the window frames and warm the interior of the premises.For most boards of wood adopted average thickness of about 45 millimeters.

finished material and a working

to the materials used for manufacturing, to meet a series of requirements.There are certain rules of the process.High-quality wooden window sill comes from only dry wood with a moisture content of not more than 15%, in which there are no knots or other defects.

initial board should have the above thickness, with allowance for the removal of material in the processing and to ensure the desired width according to the requirements described above.During the manufacturing process all aspects of the future of the sill carefully handled.

With self-production they ostrugivayutsya a plane, and the faces are processed jointer.Outer edge finished with beaded figured to give it a shape, select the bottom drip groove in compliance with the required dimensions.

are going to carry out the installation yourself, you need to know that if in the same room several windows, then (according to the requirements of SNIP) installation of window sills is performed in the same room at the same level.

not need any special tools for installation work.It is important to comply with horizontal boards to the floor.To eliminate stagnation of water on the surface to be provided inside the board angle of the room (as already mentioned standards) not more than two degrees.These requirements are easily provided using a construction level of appropriate length.

Phased installation instruction window sills

When surface preparation for installation at the bottom of the window opening is cement or lime base, a compulsory waterproofing.Wooden window sill treated with antiseptics, and it is recommended to close the bottom of the felt layer with the same impregnation.The edges of the boards, calling at the side walls of the opening, closing waterproofing.

It should be noted that the inner edge of the window sill must rest on a special sample in the fourth, made in the lower horizontal portion of the frame, going under it, and in any case not in the side edge of the window frame or sash.For reliable fastening apply nails up to 15 cm long.

In three or four points of the inside of the window sill, abutting at quarter sample, and in the appropriate places in this sampling frame outlined and drilled holes of half the diameter of the nails on half their length.Then the nails are cut off from the cap, and they hammered into the bottom half of the window frame.

Before final installation on the foundation of applied foam construction that was set over the sill prepared holes stuffed neatly on nails protruding parts to a complete stop in the frame and is pressed against the spacers or cargo to avoid raising its foam, expanding the polymerization.The end edges are sealed included in the side walls, insulated space under the fixed board.