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August 12, 2017 18:07

Frames siding - pay attention to the most important

What awaits us in the decoration of windows siding?

Careful design of window openings always makes the appearance of the house is very worthy.In home decoration window openings represent a certain complexity, as they violate the use of solid strips of siding, and have to resort to cutting and similar manipulation to the accuracy and aesthetic appearance of the window opening was quite high.

Installation of siding around the window begins with laying strips starting on the window openings to reinforce saydingovye trim.If the window opening has a large slope, or protrude from the walls, there will come to the aid of the angular profile, which tends to be bilateral.In a typical doorway, you can do one-sided.

Each type of siding, be it wood, metal or vinyl, is its optional accessories.For windows it can be special low tides that go to match the base color.Framing siding windows includes the installation of decorative moldings.

Cooking tools and workplace

In carrying out this type of work, you need

the following tools: hammer nailing sheathing and siding itself;hacksaw of two types - simple and metal for cutting boards;gon - razmёtki for proper angles;a piece of chalk;high level to determine the vertical position, the water level;screwdriver and screws;cord and tape.

The warm weather will make it possible to cut the siding with a hacksaw or a simple pair of scissors for metal, but in the cold season you can cut only a tool with a fine tooth comb and gently, but "ripped" cuts successfully closed angular profiles.Frames siding, a video of which can be viewed on our website, under the force of will and a lover, if he enforces the order to do it yourself.

To apply all tools necessary to have a special table (bench), which is working on the preparation of materials for the construction of such a procedure, as the cladding siding windows.But, according to professionals, any kind of siding is most convenient to cut a circular power saw, which makes it possible to do high-quality section at any position.

Basic operation of installing

Making out the window, it must be remembered that the installation of the siding around windows begins with fixing the starting band, just the opposite - the outside edge down, if the strip is nailed on top, that is, to the glass edge.More siding stacked row upon row, adjusted each subsequent slots under the previous one.In areas where the standard bar does not fit, just have to make cuts.

Doing this in advance will not work, because the markings will be visible only at the time of installation.So all the space is sealed, gradually adjusted at the size of each bar.

Carefully attach the necessary accessories: frames, moldings, cornices, corner elements, the final profile - all these elements are, in principle, are not necessary, as can be successfully replaced by simple strips of siding.

How to decorate a window siding, depending on your budget and wishes of owners of the house.But the use of these supplements will help to make the facade more attractive and complete.And additional decorative elements, combined with the main, will look very harmoniously.

Installing siding around windows, a video where you can see if you want to help orient and decide what kind of siding you can decorate the facade of the house, including windows, some of these types of siding will be more suitable for a particular structure.