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August 12, 2017 18:07

Shutters on the windows , wooden, for artistic and practical home decoration

Shutters: the role of yesterday and today

Decorative detail that is practical in nature, and, in addition, an important part of the window - the shutters.Special screens allow you to save the security window and housing, are actively used by residents of country houses as a security element.In the old days they allow fast and fun to decorate the house from the outside.

Today wizard offer to renew the tradition and set a decorative ornament, the importance of which can hardly be overestimated.As a rule, the main fabric is made of solid softwood or hardwood, and various elements of decoration - from softwood, which is easy to operate artistic tools.

Now experts refused to manufacture only wooden shutters, in specialized stores you can find plastic and rail options that provide even better protection, reliability, as well as thermal insulation, which is very important during the cold season, if the house has no central heating.

Things to consider when you install?

Depending on the material of whi

ch the elements are distinguished plastic, wooden and iron shutters.The shape of the shutters can be a two-leaf hinged or made in the form of blinds.

In order to secure the hinged design, using special hinge pins, they provide smooth opening and closing of shutters.Typically, such elements may also be mounted on a special base - slopes made under a specific shape and size of the window.This approach allows you to create really strong, robust construction.

During installation, the main thing - properly fix a wooden box, which will be attached themselves shutters.Engage in self-installation is not recommended for the reason that the untrained person may not be able to correct to "drown" the main structure, to ensure the proper depth of its insertion into the window.

Installing shutters with his hands

quality wooden shutters on the windows will last a long time, if all the recommendations and conditions are met on the stage of installation.To work need special screws, insulating foams to be used in the formation of gaps.

Some experts complete the installation carrying out additional security shutters, they cover their surface varnish, thus protecting it from sunlight and moisture.Such a course is possible in the event that no requests for additional protection have been taken into account in the design manufacture.

If you want to spend hanging wooden shutters procedure yourself, remember a few simple rules.First of all, the entire structure must be collected prior to installation, not in its process, gradually adding elements.If the shape and size of the manufacture of shutters were calculated correctly, it will not have difficulties with the installation of the complex.

Clip, file away some of the material on the site - not the best idea in the process can develop cracks and unsightly depressions, which will have to deal with in the future.In some cases, the manufacturer sells shutters whole, not divided into halves design, offering installers their own split items directly after installation.This has its advantages, so the shutters remain safely protected from scratches, easily fixed and do not interfere with the employee.

step by step action Installer

So first measurements carried out.Properly Measure each window opening width and height, do not forget to make small tolerances, approximately 20 and 15 mm, respectively.If the window sinned strong curvature opposite profiles, these tolerances will not save the situation, then navigate to the diagonal of the window should be, and measure it.

Even if the window curves, you have to contrive to make a smooth rectangular shutters, otherwise violated their mechanism.Therefore, in such critical cases, choose one of the options - to alter the slope or shutters to expand in the direction of the defect to his disguise.For small window shutters made false to reduce the clutter around the process, even if uneven window.Half

success lies in the reliability and accuracy of Lutkov.To do this takes a good metal corner, it will provide sufficient rigidity at the base.Along the edges of the leaflets should also be positioned corners.A leaf shutter doors should be a good thickness of a dense wood.

Obviously, should carefully consider the question of the bolt.Then turn on the imagination, starting from the expectations in terms of reliability.It is best to consider several types of bolts which fix each separately with respect to the flap walls and two flaps with respect to one another.

Now, having thought the whole structure, you need to focus on securing the shutters directly to the house.In the wall you need to be prepared fitting pieces - robust metal components, most commonly used fittings, and its diameter is about 1 cm The depth -.. 10-15cm

Mounted embedded along the vertical elements Lutkov in the amount of three pieces.The main thing in this case - does not damage the material of the walls to such an extent that it spill.So, to drive pins into the wall, the ends have to protrude slightly.Now these ends welded smew and mounted the wooden part of the shutter.All is ready!