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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to insulate wooden windows and keep the heat in the apartment ?

Old age is not a joy - true for

windows remain popular wooden windows - is a classic option that allows you to securely protect a house from the cold wind, precipitation, and maintain a healthy climate in the apartment.Environmentally friendly and beautiful windows made of wood - the best option for those who choose the design of apartments in the style of "eco".

Modern design equipped with double-glazed windows, reliably retains heat even in areas with harsh climates.The main feature of wooden windows is that they are influenced by temperature responsive to changes in humidity and may crack over time.

window Quality depends on the composition which has been treated wooden surface.Modern wooden windows are made in accordance with all safety requirements, refractory mix can create a fairly robust layer that protects the material from the fire.But the old wooden windows require you to extra care.

Options insulation wooden windows

One of the most economical and fastest ways considered insulation

of windows using ordinary newspapers.Sheets of paper are soaked in water and placed in a braided gap so as to completely fill the space.Also, the newspapers are stacked between the frames that can further insulate window.

after surgery seams taped over conventional paper tape and newspaper when dry expands and adheres to the window.The only disadvantage of the method - subsequent coloring ink timber.

Alternative insulation - use ordinary wool, pieces of foam, fabric.After all gaps are closed, the material is fixed paper tape and sealed until the spring.

One of the most reliable, but quite difficult in execution methods - working with silicone sealants, which are cast in place fillers and putties.Option is suitable for areas where the temperature remains below zero for longer than 3 months.

How to insulate a window?

In order to properly and competently carry out insulation, you need to take a few rolls of special construction adhesive tape or a simple paper strip, which is fixed to the frame with white glue or cooked flour paste.Also for the dense packing of the material can be used with thin spatulas, small wooden sticks.Use scissors or a knife stationery will be convenient to cut unnecessary details directly on the windows, and a small sponge handy for working with glue.

If you choose cotton insulation, should be reserved industrial cotton and foam.Many construction stores sell already prepared for insulation kits.They are reasonably priced and allow you to quickly carry out the procedure without unnecessary waste.If you are undecided as to insulate the old wooden windows, you will need several options for materials.

When insulation of old windows is very important to observe safety measures, shaky structures may simply fall into the street, and at too strong pressure there is a risk to damage the glass.

conduct procedure is better in the morning, pre-clearing the window and the sill area against dirt, dust and debris.Start warming should be on the inside of the window, down from top to bottom.Do not immediately close the heating material tape.If you choose to work with a wet paper, it is best to wait it dry completely.Cotton wool should not protrude too much from the slots, and when working with sealant should be guided by the rule "less is better".