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August 12, 2017 18:07

Replacing the glass in the windows - the important aspects of the process

Types of glass

package - this is the main part of the window, the area is more than any of its components.Nowadays there are several hundred kinds thereof.But the main quality for which is shared by all the diversity is the number of cameras.

That is double-glazed windows can be single or dual chamber, besides the manufacture of this product may use Russian or imported glass, tinted, energy-saving or solntseotrazhayuschee.Between them may be different or the same distance (6-36mm), filled with an inert gas or without it.

If necessary to improve the aesthetic beauty of glass in it can be installed decorative muntin bars (layout).Usually they have a white or golden color, and the width can be 8, 18 or 25 millimeters.

Important!To replace broken items in the package must be called masters who have some knowledge and experience in this matter.

Insert glass glazing yourself is almost impossible, it requires skills and tools.If not replaced, it will be purged or may fall and hurt you and your family.


glass for glass Glass, as, for example, foam glass has certain technical and mechanical characteristics.However, the main distinguishing feature is considered to be its transparency.The manufacturer usually gives the buyer the thermal and lighting characteristics of the material.The main parameters, which draws the attention of the buyer, are the following:

  • transparency;
  • security;
  • color.

So, clear glass allows penetration of light into the room, and at the same time and the sun's rays.Therefore, in the summer with them in the room will be hot.Another characteristic of the material is considered safe.This means that in case of failure will not harm a person applied.Currently, there are several ways to ensure security.

example, it may be hardened or destruction in the case crumbles into small pieces without sharp edges.Such a material is called tempered, and it is 5 times stronger than ordinary glass.To secure forms also include triplex - several sheets, glued together with a special film.Break it is almost impossible not to scatter the fragments and remain bonded to the film.

Stained Glass created in order to prevent the entry of solar heat into the room, while it remains transparent.

Note!Buying colored products, it is necessary to take into account the climatic conditions in which they are used.

After all, they can be destroyed by thermal overload, so in hot climates need to use tempered or products treated edge, by means of which the heat resistance increases.

Change glass

Replace the glass in the pane can only be a specialist.This work requires special care and accuracy, but with such an approach to business can achieve the durability and reliability of the window.

Important!It is necessary to take into account all the dimensions of the glass required for the replacement of destroyed.

starting replacement work, should examine the design of the package and the right to remove all measurements, literally millimeter by millimeter.Otherwise, a new product snaps into the frame or deforms it (if it turns more) or be blown, and may just fall out of the frame (if it appears less).In the latter case, you will have to produce an additional warming of the windows.

quality and correct replacement glass in the window of metal and plastic guarantees you safety, reliability and long service life.