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August 12, 2017 18:07

We draw up a plan of repair of an apartment or Forward to victory!

50% success rate - thought out plan of repair apartments

you are enthusiastic and ready to start the overhaul of the apartment tomorrow.Paints rosy prospects for the repair exactly one month?We dare to disappoint you, if you do not take detailed planning, which will be reflected in a step by step repair of the apartment - this battle, you lose.

Let's get started.We possess the apartment where you live with your family, your vacation, and your desire to make repairs apartments with their own hands.Or, at least, with minimal involvement of skilled professionals to perform works: installation of heating communications, water supply and sewerage, replacement of doors and window glazing.

What should include a thoughtful, effective and financially sparing step by step plan for major repairs flats.

1. design project. In order to enable you to make a full calculation of the necessary materials and equipment you need to make a complete and final draft of what in the end you want to see and where you want t

o live.

design project you should be, having in front of the layout plan apartment with dimensions of length, width and height of all rooms.The final draft should be taken into account all the nuances, since then, after you calculate and buy construction materials and equipment, change will be too late.Or it is possible, but with the new costs.

2. family and domestic issues. need to decide where it will be in your family for the period of repair.Here, you will form an outline of how to start the repair room, where, and in what sequence to rearrange furniture.

Even if you agree to a month to lead a spartan life, it does not mean that at the time of repair you will sleep standing as a warhorse, and cook their food over a fire in the yard.Do not miss this important point.Since then, the apartment will turn into a mini-city landfill.What absolutely will not facilitate high-quality repairs.

3. calculation of the amount of materials - a must, which is included in the drafting of the repair of the apartment.Building materials must be purchased on the basis of the calculation: how much to + 10%.On the same point estimates include: the number of materials + fare + debris removal + fees of experts (if any will be involved in the one-time work).

4. Elaborate and submit to the estimates and in the repair plan fare: garbage, materials delivery, storage of building materials.To reduce the cost of delivering the material, try to plan its purchase on the same base materials.Today it is no longer a problem.

5. Now you need to paint step by step repair of the apartment.Start by determining how the room you are planning to start repairs, to continue on the rise.Moreover, you should even consider when you need plumbing from the housing, in order to cut off the water in the riser in your apartment.To do this, at least, know their telephone number.

That's about it in more detail.

What is the step by step repair of apartments

In this section of its plan of major repairs of apartment you have to paint a sequence of operations.Believe me, this is a phased plan will allow you to more effectively organize the repair, you will never miss the important moments of repair, save your time and money.

Step 1. Removal: Doors, windows, old flooring, if necessary, the old heating pipes and water supply.On the same stage includes blur ceiling and walls, cleaning and removal of debris.This first step is performed in the entire apartment.

first step allows us to fully prepare the base for the work.

Step 2. Preparing walls (shtrablenie) and wiring without mounting devices.Here you have a plan and need a repair of an apartment in parts of electrical appliances layout (sockets and switches).

Step 3. alignment of walls, ceiling (primer, putty, plaster), hold floorings throughout the apartment.

Step 4. Piping: heating, water supply and sanitation.

Step 5. The implementation of the design project: Installation of drywall constructions from which you included in the design of the apartment.

Step 6. Fine finishing works: installation of doors, wallpapering, tiling, painting, etc.

What features of apartment repair

repair work planning, including a step by step repair of apartments must take into account the direction of the main attack, namely, all the work begins with the back room (the room) and directed towards the corridor (hallway).

And one more, important reminder.First we start with the ceiling falling down.If you decide not to change sex (eg, you have laid a beautiful and high-quality parquet), then make sure that how and what to hide it during the entire time of the overhaul in the apartment.

drawing up a step by step plan to overhaul the apartment need to remember that there is a certain consistency in the performance of some works.For example, in the kitchen, the bathroom and the bathroom, professional tiler never start laying the tiles, if not complete wiring of all communications.

Good luck, and let them step by step repair plan is performed accurately and on time.And then victory in the construction and repair battle for beauty and comfort of apartments, will be yours.