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Where To Begin?

August 12, 2017 18:07

Projects of repair of apartments and houses - whom to trust ?

repair project apartment or house - to whom to trust?

repair project or one-bedroom five-room apartment consists of the same steps.Many amateurs believe that they themselves are able to properly plan everything, to consider and perform that repair - an exciting experience, which we show in thematic television projects.And to finish it you just need to start.But this is not the case.

Not for nothing that there are folk wisdom: "Repairs can not be finished, and you can only pause"!It deals specifically with the cases when the cause is taken a lover!It is in order to safely reach the ultimate goal of repair, and there are professional design services for the repair of apartments.

If you are confident in their abilities and decided to do it all yourself, let us recall: repair should start with gluing or painting the ceiling, and only then proceed to replace the wallpaper.More extensive work must be planned depending on the expected volume.So, if it is constantly changing the wiring, all the electrical wo

rk must be proizdesti before finishing.Moreover, most likely entail shtroblenie neobohodimost re-plastering walls.And if your plans include replacement of sanitary equipment - ready to buy a new tile.And another thing: begin to plan the future of the front of repair and finishing works, consider replacement windows.

the whole scheme of the upcoming work on the repair of the apartment has the following sequence:

  1. dismantling of old buildings and structures (built-in cabinets, door frames, partitions, etc.), Sanitary ware;
  2. if required replacement of window and balcony blocks, insulation and sealing exterior walls or ceiling;
  3. removing coatings (walls, floor, ceiling);
  4. shtroblenie walls, replacing wiring;
  5. screed, rough finish on all surfaces;
  6. repair or installation of the heating system (arrangement of floor heating, radiator replacement or installation of alternative heat sources);
  7. construction of new art objects, wardrobes, niches, wardrobe, false walls, multilevel ceilings, etc;
  8. final coating all surfaces that require new finishes (laminate flooring, Wallpapering walls and ptolok; installation of suspended ceilings);
  9. installation of interior doors;
  10. installation of stationary appliances (water heaters tanks, columns, etc.) Furniture arrangement;
  11. room decoration.

Designer repair

apartments Projects As can be seen from the above, it is no accident today popular television projects for interior change in the homes of ordinary people.And "School of repair" and "Housing Problem" show us how much detail into account design projects Repair of apartments.After starting the redevelopment of the premises, or simply a change in the internal decoration, the designer should not only think about the combination of colors.It will have to solve a lot of individual tasks, to take into account features of housing, interior combine into a harmonious all the subtleties and nuances of which you may not even know.

To get a perfect result - a beautiful, thoughtful and comfortable accommodation the following factors must be considered:

  • area of ​​an apartment or house, number of rooms, the presence of balconies, verandas, the necessity and possibility of redevelopment - expansion or division of space;
  • state of the walls, floor and ceiling heating systems, heat and sound insulation;
  • need to replace wiring, existing metering or distribution of electricity, kitchen equipment, communications and plumbing, windows and doors;
  • color preferences, placement of furniture and other owners wishes ...

Each link in the chain housing renovation should be in place, otherwise the repair will be delayed indefinitely.Cope with the correct layout on forces only to professionals who work with an excellent team of maintenance and reliable suppliers.However prevlechenie qualified fraught with significant rise in price of repairs, it is an important factor that must not be forgotten.

The repair project is different from the other one-room apartment?

sometimes essential for the repair of a number of rooms in the apartment.And it's not only the question - is it possible to live at home during the renovation.The owners of one-bedroom apartment is often forced to build in a small area all the areas necessary for comfortable living: a bedroom, living room, study, dining room and kitchen.Sometimes there is only one solution that satisfies all desires host - studio apartment.Therefore

repair studio project need to be especially careful.To do this, be sure to:

  • have at least a minimal knowledge of the construction;
  • represent the sequence of all the works (redevelopment, plumbing, electrical, decorating and so on.);
  • own technology plaster walls, wallpapering, painting and surface preparation for the selected type of finish;
  • plan the purchase of materials, tools, appliances, devices and equipment;
  • take into account the time required for carrying out each process (eg, how much dry plaster) and possible surprises lining delay.

make things right it is difficult enough without special training, experience and knowledge.If you do not believe me - try it yourself.Perhaps the material on our website to help you successfully plan the repairs yourself!