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August 12, 2017 18:07

With a room to begin repairs in the apartment .

important to know!Regardless of why decided to start repair

rooms Exactly!Regardless of how and who will carry out the repair in apartment: a team of builders, or will you do repair of an apartment with his hands, you need to:

  • purchase of building materials for about 10% more than the repair apartment plan.Believe me, they will come in handy: a wrong calculation, careless use, things can be;
  • overhaul apartments begin with the replacement of windows and doors, both input and interior.Rather to order new doors and windows.Their replacement will take place as planned;
  • think the place for your dream, for whatever room you started to repair, not to the bridge on piles of construction waste;
  • consider a place for cooking and eating, but not limited to the use of Mivina.Otherwise, eventually getting perfectly executed major repairs apartments, you will get a stomach ulcer;
  • consider options for systematic removal of construction waste, which will occur in extreme sizes and ... nowhere.

your choice of options, with some room to start repair of apartments

Based on people's construction experience of repair of apartments, we have selected and we offer you to consider the two options for repair: the beginning of repair of an apartment with one room (and withwhat room to start repair , you decide for yourself) or to start simultaneously from all rooms (this option is more suitable for the repair of apartments in new buildings).Let's start with the second option.

Home repair simultaneously in all the rooms and facilities.This option overhaul apartment is more suitable for apartments in new houses.No furniture and of any property that is accumulated over the years.No need to think about where you will relax and cook their own food during the repair.

This option completely there is no question about that, with some room to start repair .repair principle: top - down.That is, they began to sweep the ceiling and flooring and the ceiling have been all over the apartment and so on.

chose the second option of repair, you may well be able to cope with it on their own, especially because the main electrical and water communications, new and do not require special attention.

Home repairs with one room (the room). This repair option is more suitable for residential apartments. With a room to start repair you choose for yourself, but the people who have passed the crucible of repairs with their own hands is recommended to start with a bathroom renovation, bathroom or kitchen.In any order, but it is with them.

Why?The fact is that in these areas, besides the fact that they are domestic, very large amount of work: laying tiles, replacement of water supply units, elements and plumbing appliances, etc.After the most difficult, even for experts reviews builders, repair in domestic premises, you can proceed to the repair room.

Repair rooms start preferably with the farthest (it all depends on the layout), moving in the direction of the corridor.Repair corridor runs in the last turn, so to speak, the final master smear brush.Yes, master!Because by the time the repairs in the apartment, you will become a professional.

How and where to start the repair room

Do not forget that you and I opted for the repair of residential apartments, with furniture.Of course the answer to the question, - to start repair room, arises automatically.But let's order.Let's get started and make the first step in the repair march-throw:

  • free the room by all!furniture and property.The best option - to make furniture in the room, the repair of which is scheduled in the last instance;
  • clean the ceiling, walls and floor of all that has been hammered and twisted them in the period of stay.Those.We give the room (ceiling, walls) in the original form;
  • preparatory phase: to rip off the wallpaper, remove the tile, remove the flooring.If you do not plan to change the flooring, the floor was covered with a thick plastic film.Feel free to remove the doors and doorways hang a damp cloth (especially for a period of stripping the floor and walls);
  • proceed to the wiring (after turning off the power).Old cancel, Stroebe channels for new wiring.After laying the cable in them, plastered with gypsum;
  • respectively, the next step, if you want it, then it is the replacement of radiators.

Actually this is what you need to start the repair room.At some point, repair and construction of the epic, you might think - why I started all this.A moment of weakness, overcome it and continue the repair.You have made an important - you have it started.

Next act in accordance with its design - the project, ie,We are implementing a plan to transform the property.But always start with the ceiling.Then the wall.Shpatlyuem, grind, leveling surface, either under painting, or under the wallpaper.

If your intention is to trim plasterboard walls and ceiling will be tension, it is still necessary to treat the walls.Especially exterior walls.They must be treated antifungal coverage, because you will not see them more, and mold (fungus) substance ruthless.

new windows and doors, have ordered, waiting in the wings.Installation time is after leveling doors, wall and ceiling.

Debris try to make every day.This way you save yourself from the development of the profession climber overcoming Mont Blanc garbage to the end of the repair of the whole apartment.

As a result, where to start and how to repair the room, we already know.Feel free to go into the next room, and with knowledge of the case, proceed to repair it.