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Where To Begin?

August 12, 2017 18:07

Where to start repair of apartments, not stretching it ... forever

Post home repairs needed to the desire to complete his

Except for some nuances, repair a new apartment or repair of old apartments "Cheshko-Khrushchev", according to the technology and the algorithm is no different.Naturally, it is easier to repair buildings, where to start, in this case does not need to think much.This is just redecorating the apartment.

But where to begin overhaul of the old apartment - it's not a simple question.Start repair, in principle, it is possible tomorrow, solving problems as they arise.But ... if the repair can seamlessly escalate a sluggish construction for several years.But you want to make repairs, not for decoration, but for the convenience and comfort of the family.

Weigh or measure seven times and cut off - it is as you see fit, but before you start repairing the apartment, the house, you need to take into account all the nuances.And while we are not talking about design - the project, and even on the budget for the repair of the apartment.

First.Where to start re

pair of apartments, but with the determination of who will be his do.If you decide to redecorate the apartment with his hands, in addition to the desire, you need to:

  • skill and a certain qualification: electrician, plumber, plasterer, painter, tiler, etc .;
  • relevant instruments, tools, and equipment: drills, sanders, machines for welding pipes and ... yes all at once, and you name it.You can of course rent and all that, but it is necessary to calculate how much it will cost, this lease;
  • time needed to carve out his working rhythm to work on the home site.After all, the problem is not to drive you like a horse.After all, you still plan to live in a renovated apartment;

Secondly, planning where to start repair the house or apartment, ask yourself - and where your family will be at this time.The question becomes relevant when a month to overcome the obstacles on the bags with mortars, construction materials, tools, family begin minor conflicts, turning into a storm of battles: a child nowhere to do homework, his wife nowhere popudrit nose, or ... a lot of them will, these "or".

worth ponder these questions everyday and everyday life, and ... look towards the newspaper advertisement of the construction crew, which will repair the apartment "turnkey".

design project will start repairing the apartment

Design project in our case - the distribution of apartments in the zones taking into account the interests of all living in it, and the functionality of each of the zones.Interior design apartments you can completely create their own, based on your color - taste preferences.Fortunately, the Internet millions of pages offering solutions for all the most fastidious and refined taste.

Technical project prepared taking into account all the accommodation in the apartment to ensure your family's life support systems.About him a little more.

  • Wiring : you have to calculate where and what kind of electrical appliances will be placed and the point of their connection separately in different rooms (and do not forget about the dishwasher in the kitchen).
  • Heating , if you are going to change the radiators, or increase the number of heating points, or apply the system "warm floor".
  • Water - should also be taken into account all the water analysis points (old and new), and accordingly the pipework.Drainage usually remains, ate you decide to install a shower stall.
  • Warming apartments .In this case, if necessary, you need to consider in terms of: warming the balcony, replacement or restoration of windows, insulation of external walls of the apartment (either the internal or the external options).
  • Estimated repair apartments. no less time-consuming process than the preparation of the technical project.The estimate you have in any case can not be accurate to the penny.However, the approximate order of numbers in your head should be formed.Depending on what kind of work you are able to fulfill themselves, and which will serve hired workers, and will form the estimated cost of major repairs flats.

Drawing volumetric plan before you start major repairs apartment, will allow you to: adjust the family budget for the period of repair.And the time frame, if master plan, will be more severely affected by the course of the execution of certain works.

After all, with all the boundless love of relatives to whom you send a family to live, their patience too ... you need to consider.

begin home renovations with the choice of building materials

this point, the operational plan for the overhaul of the house, an apartment, you have to "kill two birds with one stone."To find out pricing as building materials, and the services of repair crews.

It is important not to rush, not to succumb to sweet-advertising slogans (remember that 90% of all construction materials in your city, the same quality), not to grasp at first, it would seem advantageous offer.

Stage gathering information on the cost of building materials is the longest and ... boring.How would you not eager to fight, to strike the first blow with a sledgehammer on your hateful partition in the kitchen, not in a hurry.

not call the hardware store.Your goal - building materials distribution centers.In addition to the price and availability of building materials, learn the size of wholesale, will give you some discount for the order in the range of building materials, shipping and lift to the floor.

Similarly need to do when working with construction crews.Your task is to clarify: what kind of work takes a team, and it is advisable to choose those who perform the full range of services: electricity, plumbing, wallpapering, carpeting.

In this case, you can avoid the constant coordination between different specialists: electrician can come tomorrow, but today could not work proshtrabit time wall or proshtrabili them deep enough, etc.

Repair of the apartment complex guarantees the completion of the repair brigade as scheduled.

regards time (season) of the overhaul of the apartment.Resist the momentary impulse: start tomorrow, because the neighbors to make repairs apartments, and you do not want to lag behind.

Important! If You ought to repair buildings, it should only start one year after the completion of the house.The house will shrink, and the tiles that you put in the bathroom or in the kitchen, will not crack and will disappear by natural causes movement of the walls.

for hiring crews to repair the apartment the most appropriate time of year is the transition from winter to spring.Why?Because in the winter repair of apartments is declining, the market freezes and construction crews a little tired of the lack of customers.

Well?You are ready?How to start repairs in the apartment, you are representing.Then, it is time to begin to implement their ideas and bold design solutions.And ... a deep breath, get down.

eyes read, and make up any, even major repairs flats.