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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to Build a sandbox with their hands

Choosing a place for games

choosing the place of children's sandbox, follow the most important rule - it should be clearly visible to parents.Therefore, do not put it under the balcony, behind bushes or plants for the outbuildings.Next to it you can put a bench or chair for adults.
Secondly, children should not be under direct sunlight.If you can not put a design in the natural shade, set in the center of the sandbox fungus or an umbrella.You can also make a removable cloth canopy on plastic or wooden sticks, which screwed into the slots in the corners of the sandbox.

Build a sandbox with their hands

Mark on the ground the structure desired perimeter and remove 30 cm of soil.In the center of the square dig a hole depth of 70 cm and a diameter of 50-60 cm. Please note, the more will be your sandbox, the greater should be the area of ​​the fovea.

bottom of the recess in the middle of the need to lay gravel small, flat stones or pebbles to ensure good drainage.Wooden bumpers should be placed unde

r a slight slope toward the center, so that in the rain dries quickly the moisture.

Base entire sandbox neatly route the polyethylene geotextile or plywood with holes.These materials need to be placed on the first thin layer of sand 7-8 cm. So you make a solid foundation to the sand is not mixed with earth and insects do not fall on the ground.

All wooden parts must be thoroughly sanded and treated with linseed oil in multiple layers.If you do not varnish, you can use any solution from rotting.After disinfection, the board may be coated with varnish or paint.
First you pour in each of the four bars of 20 cm into the ground, and then nailed him to the board.A side wall height should be 30 - 40 cm, and on top of each wall of the need to attach the seat-rail.

How to cover the sandbox with his own hands?

Sandbox with lid - it is very convenient.Firstly, it can be closed in the rain and at night, to protect from animals and birds.Secondly, the open flap can serve as a comfortable bench for parents.

You will need two wooden shield, they are fixed on hinges and fasten the top of the handle.The photo below shows how you can make your own hands a convenient sandbox with a lid.