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August 12, 2017 18:07

Sliding doors with their hands

main pros and cons of sliding gates

Before installing sliding doors, you need to understand all the pros and cons of this construction.If, for example, compare this type of gate to swing, then it should be noted these two disadvantages: the need for a space for rolling and a higher price.The positive factors also include:

  1. lack of guides in the opening, which allows to call road vehicles of any height
  2. reliability and durability
  3. No need for additional lubrication
  4. mechanisms Have a modern design, which provides for the use of almost any material - wood, metalleaf, forging, polycarbonate and corrugated board

Sliding doors with their hands

Features installation of sliding gates

sliding doors are manually operated and automatic.The choice depends on the purpose and tasks of the gate (main, backup, to give) and the issue price.The electric sliding gate in principle optional, though, and it makes their use more convenient and comfortable.

Sliding doors with their hands

Mounting of sliding gates can be divided into several stages:

  1. Create a clear plan showing all sizes and dimensions, as well as material
    • Depending on the material the gate and the size of the frame depends on the weight, and this naturally affects the choicecomponents.Calculation of sliding gate width should be done taking into account the width of the street.The narrower the street - the wider the gates
    • rollback distance is calculated based on the width of the gate, and ideally it should be 1.5 aperture width
  2. establish basic pillars.Most often, this is used for materials such as brick or concrete column, channel, steel pipe, oak beams.The basic rule when installing the supporting pillar - concreting it on the depth of soil freezing (at least 1 meter).Also, be aware that the minimum time to pour concrete and reaches the required strength - about 1 week.Therefore, they need to pre-install
  3. Produce foundation.For this channel is used more often (16 - 20 cm) in diameter and the valve - 10 - 14 mm.The size of the foundation must be at least 50% of the width of the opening
  4. Craft frame for doors.The most common material is profiled tube (cross-section of 50 x 50 or 60 x 40), from which the frame is made of sliding gates
  5. welded inner frame.The main task - to give rigidity.It is made of shaped tube section 20 x 30 and 20 x 20
  6. Grind all welds grinder and primed
  7. Paint gate.Usually used for this purpose alkyd enamel
    Sliding doors with their hands
  8. sewing the door leaf.It is carried out using screws or rivets
  9. carry out installation of sliding gates in place.To do this, set the rollers and guide them to put on the prepared canvas.In terms of set the sliding doors, and then grab a welding roller carriage.Then, the upper support rollers neatly welded and set the end roller.Weld traps.

To thoroughly understand this process, it is best to watch it on video.

As you could see, the installation of sliding gates with their hands - it's fast and reliable, in addition, quite profitable.