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August 12, 2017 18:07

Review of schemes and photo terrace of a private house

Terrace in the country - the main purpose of the extension

How to start construction, and a terrace under construction in the country with their own hands?Everything is quite simple.Then your attention is invited to the description of

the stages of creating a platform for recreation in a country house.It does not set itself the aim to rebuild the palace, this part of the house is very spacious and undemanding to structural solutions and materials can be used by those that remained after the construction of the house.

In most cases, the terraces built in places with warm and fairly dry climate, which allows them to use most of the year as a kitchen and dining area.A cozy outdoor terrace in the country is usually set in the shade of trees harboring her from the scorching sun and summer heat.Closed the terrace can be anywhere, and a roof for it is better to do one of those materials that are not heating up in the sun, so as not to create the effect of a brazier.

Before proceeding to the description of the construction process, we suggest to familiarize with what materials are most often used in the construction of terraces.More often than not, for the reasons given above terraces are built of wood, but it should be remembered that the wood is very finicky and require for a permanent care.

Terrace to the house with his own hands - materials and start construction

to the appearance of buildings always pleased, it is necessary to regularly touch up and handle special structures which protect it from aging and destruction.For example, softwood preservation method is to treat it compositions containing copper salts.

entire process takes place in special chambers under high pressure, during, preservative penetrates deep into the wood structure.

But even after this impregnation the tree retains the ability to actively absorb moisture.Therefore, terraces are built of wood, it requires at least two times a year to handle preservatives and update the paint. Where to begin construction ? There are two options. first: an extension is being built simultaneously with the construction of the house, on a single foundation under one roof.For this purpose, the same materials and constructions as for building.

second option added a terrace to the house with his own hands to meet the integrity of the existing structure of the building.This refers to the construction of a temporary structure, and does not require the construction of capital foundation for it.Do not have a terrace on the underground utilities (water supply, sewage system).

Terrace in a private home - the main recommendations for the construction

construct wooden terraces set on concrete pillars, or cinder blocks, stacked on a bed of sand and gravel, at least 100 mm thick.It is also possible to use as a base lumps of larch or oak.And, of course, if it's a tree, it must be properly handled, because the base is subjected to various tests and moisture (from above and from below, ie from the ground).

to use a special floor decking.Between the platform and pillars waterproofing layer is required to fit.Next erected pillars on which stacked beam, which are the basis logs.Over the lag fix cover boards and water flow between the two left the 10-mm gaps.Then the wood is treated with special impregnation and applied several layers of paint.

Here are some recommendations on arrangement of terraces:

  • roof pitch is selected according to the type of roofing material, the minimum angle of 7 °;
  • in most cases on the terrace erected shed roof, saving roofing material it is made of rectangular shape;
  • built terrace in a private home, thanks to the walls, perfectly protected from the weather with a few sides that provides additional comfort.