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August 12, 2017 18:07

Garden furniture made of metal - the nobility in each line

The good metal furniture for the garden?

Garden furniture made of metal, has long won the love of consumers and designers.This is due not only to their aesthetic appeal, but also practical.Such furniture looks equally appropriate in the shadow of the hedge, the massive tree tops, on the waterfront, terrace or among blooming flowerbeds.It is in harmony not only with green spaces, but also to other elements of landscape design: paved paths, small architectural forms, fences, arches, etc.

This is due to the fact that the metal is quite "friendly" material and easily coexists with wood, plaster, glass, stone, and even plastic.A nice bonus are also numerous possibilities for coloring of metal furniture.About metal furniture, and say that when a product has a metal frame.An example might be a garden bench with a wrought-iron headboard and feet, but with a wooden seat.

furniture made of metal - ideal for outdoor use.She is not afraid of direct sunlight, the most aggressive atmospheric conditions, mechanica

l damage and the impact chemicals.Modern technology allows not to worry about the rust on the surface of the product occurs.Dirt can easily be removed with a damp sponge.However, be aware that for a long time to sit on the full metal furniture is not too convenient.In this case, it is recommended to use soft pillows or thick rugs.

Garden wrought iron furniture - delicate masterpieces

Wrought iron furniture is undoubtedly the decoration of your garden, but over the years can become a family value and pass from generation to generation.Quaint and original forged garden furniture looks particularly advantageous in headsets, will be a shining example of sustained in the same style dining group - table and chairs.Extremely relevant benches of various shapes, usually placed along the tracks or in the immediate vicinity of the pond at the dacha.The possibilities of artistic forging allows to obtain a product that best meets stylistic decision of the garden.Originally looks combination of forged and carved wood elements.

However, such originality would cost you a tidy sum.The fact that the forged garden furniture are handmade, and this work is always highly appreciated.Create a romantic and visually almost weightless area in the garden will allow delicate wrought-iron garden furniture, small table, rocking chair and luxury wrought iron swing.Such a composition will look like a picture from a fairy tale.It is made by combining the furniture blanks by means of welding, special staples and rivets.The quality forging iron material used, various types of steel, bronze.

Despite the seeming ease, wrought iron furniture for the garden is quite heavy, which will necessarily be taken into account.

This is especially important when it is placed on the terraces with wooden floors, which must withstand considerable weight of furniture and all the people present.In the presence of forged garden swings need to take care of their quality fastening.To prevent damage to the coating of metal furniture legs allow special flat "thrust bearings", usually in the form of a circle or a square.They must be present on the acquired items of furniture.

Garden metal furniture profile - what's the difference of forged products?

special metal profile is widely used for manufacturing a skeleton of certain items of garden furniture.Differ finished products from forged unique in that most of them are not composed entirely of metal elements.Used in the production of galvanized steel and aluminum is usually combined with elements of glass, stone, wood, plastic.

Moreover, the metal frame can be covered with fabric, leather, polyester mesh, etc.The most widely used following pieces of furniture: tables, chairs, armchairs and chaise lounges.This furniture, metal garden has a modern appearance and is light.The light weight product makes it easy to move them around the garden plot, combining as they wish.Sales can be find and folding furniture metal profile, which can be removed in the event of bad weather or transport to another location, for example, if you are going on a picnic.

obvious that data manipulation is difficult to make a wrought iron products.What makes them different and cost - furniture profile is much more accessible.But the possibility of staining was still wide.If you think that the batter's eyes began to shine out of place in your garden, the metal frame can be painted in the desired color.Thus, metal furniture for the garden - a real godsend for those who want to purchase a durable, practical and aesthetic products.