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August 12, 2017 18:07

Playground for questioning - is a dream of boys and girls

What should have playgrounds for questioning

Arriving at the cottage, and putting children in the yard, but forgetting about the organization of their leisure time, parents at risk find that grown in urban guys looking for adventure in a totally unfamiliar environment for them.This may result in injury or serious damage to the farm.To the boys and girls of all ages had a permanent place for pranks, caring parents set a minimum time for children, plastic playgrounds for questioning.But better, of course, to allocate space and to establish a permanent sports and play area, where you can spend leisure time with your family.

land for these purposes it is better to choose based on the fact that the kids undesirably long in the sun, and the constant shadow is also not good for health.Consequently, the south and the north are not suitable, it is better to focus on the area south-west or south-east.It should provide or arrange protection from the wind.Windbreaks can be planted in a number of trees, an outbui

lding, a house or a specially built high fence.In addition, it is useful to fence and play the ball in the case, to a sports projectile flew into the garden or the garden, breaking the landing.This fence is not only outline the space for games, but also determine the future design of the playground in the country.

What could be the arrangement of the playground on

cottage So, the area is highlighted, fenced and protected from the wind.Now you can start arrangement of the playground in the country, and does not necessarily rely solely on the current age, they have a habit to grow rapidly, and soon game complex seem boring to them.For instance, for children up to 3-4 years, various interesting swing, suspended from normal to balancing.And, of course, slides, different houses.A great option - spring swinging when the figure horse or other animal, but better - the model of the car or vehicle (they have a board, and it's safer) installed on a powerful spring.

best gift a child will be a tree house, where he can play boy, girl, or the children of both sexes together.Older children prefer suburban playground for the more active games, they will love the wooden town, very often from ladders, walkways between the towers, slides, and tunnels.

By the way, you can set up and ready plastic complex, however, will cost it dearly.You can select and polusportivny option when a wooden castle is composed entirely of stairs, as the wood and rope, nets, which can also climb, net bridges, various curving tubes. For teenagers it is useful to set a few horizontal bars or horizontal bars of the rings or bars. last option certainly appreciate and dads and moms can install garden swing.

safe playground near her house - take measures

If you are building a sports and gaming complex in wood - the board should be smooth ostrogannoj and corners and edges is desirable to round, will be less bruises and scratches, not to mention thetreacherous splinters.Sandbox better provide benches along the sides, and the like can be made of tables in the corners.All protruding parts of structures should be brightly colored so that children have seen them even while running around.Bright colors should paint the fences and game area, it is best to choose colors that are associated with danger, fiery red or orange.

racks swings and rockers as well as various towns and dye houses in the soft colors: green, purple, blue.If you want to buy ready-made swing for the kids, choose the model that the older children can not be used because of inconvenience, so can avoid damage due to excess load.Moreover, if you have a children's playground near her house is designed for different age groups, the younger guys are trying to make sure that they are not approached senior complexes, there is certainly higher and ladders, slides and more abruptly.