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August 12, 2017 18:07

Equipment for children's playgrounds , or what to do with the kids ?

Choosing playground equipment

equip the adventure playground for their children to be strictly within the budget, because of the need of children's playgrounds equipment for active play with just a few elements - a slide, hanging swings and rocker.As the latter is commonly used board or bar with seats on the ends, having in the center of the axis, mounted on a rack.However, the analog is a great and rocking arc. Swings can be single or in a gondola, the last option in children enjoyed particular success .

Before a children's playground, brings the kids to the park and see what it is swings and roundabouts they prefer, so you will save yourself from unnecessary waste of money, time and effort.For example, if the conventional "winged swing" children are not particularly fond of, but on the hills of the ears will not drag, it is better to put two different slides than to hang the board on which no one will ride.Very little certainly very like a sandbox with a fungus.It can be and a little more difficult

, for example, to make a real sandbox wall with two doorways and two windows and the roof, inside a couple of benches to accommodate same.

Plastic slides for playgrounds - what could be the options?

with slides a child can begin to ride to the age when he climbs on it, although before that adults can organize a fun, holding and sponsoring.But it is always interesting when on their own, without support, is not it?Therefore, for the smallest choose appropriate to their age plastic slides for playgrounds - namely, three steps and a fairly flat straight chute.Another thing - the older children, there is already possible to diversify entertainment. There are several sets of two, or even three runners, one of which is in the pipe, the second wavy, the third - the standard direct .

Any chute slides must comply with safety, that is, he must have high sides and perfectly smooth base, without chipping and roughness.For children 8-10 years old slides may be an element of extreme sports.For example, there are models where the gutter is bent sharply around almost the whole staircase, carrying a child in her foot.

If you have children of different ages need complex equipment playground ladders and slides, on the basis of the lumber and plastic gutters.At the bottom we arrange level for kids and adults gutters do as ladders horizontal bars, which is stretched by the net-web of a meter below ground, to which you want to reach.For those on the age qualification runs, but a little weak from the safety net to the area in front of the chute stretch the vertical grid.In order to get it, we still have to overcome the cobwebs, with nothing to dorosshih this attraction kids is not exactly right.

Swing for children's playgrounds and other entertainment

Gorki is, sandbox, too, left retrofitted fully landscaped area of ​​a happy childhood, a real trifle - swings, roundabouts and various nemudrenyh designs that nonetheless, cause delight rebyatni.Several types of swings have already been mentioned above, namely: overhead (board and gondola), as well as board and rocking-chair-arm.However, other embodiments can be installed.For example, single overhead swing for children's playgrounds can be fitted instead of the usual board a comfortable seat with a safety strap or chain.You can set the pendulum swings, they have only one attachment point to the axis about which the swing.

for more diversity in the area will not be superfluous and roundabouts for children's playgrounds which can be both classical and polusportivny.The first variant - carousel-round playground, on which the limiters and safety seats for kids.Boys and girls sit sedately, adults take up the restrictive bar to unwind.But kids can ride and themselves, however, such an option carousel is suitable for those who are older.The same constraints marketplace already has not only the rack for which you need to take, to run in a circle, driving the carousel, and then jump on the move.Intermediate option - with the seats and the steering wheel in the middle, on which children amicably sorted out his hands, turning itself around an axis.And fun, and useful for the overall development.