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August 12, 2017 18:07

Suburban toilet and shower - all amenities on nature

How to choose the most convenient toilet and shower cottage

Someone is building a country house at the rate that would close a sinkhole for a holiday with a wooden toilet cubicle, someone amenities on the street seem to be totally unacceptable option.And it all depends on how the site will be used by you.If periodic visits during the summer months, enjoy the fresh air, then go to the booth, even late in the evening or at night is a pleasure.But if you are going to live outside the city, in winter making their way through the snowdrifts to the cottage toilet and shower hardly want.Based on these considerations, and will plan.

In general, even the individual wooden chalet toilets and showers did not necessarily cold.If you are divorced by the site communication, there Combustion room on the ground floor, the stretch of the pipe to the stalls and put there radiators would be no more difficult than to lay drainage. themselves outhouse can be made in the form of small log cabins made of solid timber .If you pour a strong foundation, well caulked walls, according to the rules and to lay insulate the roof and put a toilet to toilet cottage, inside will be warm and comfortable even in the dead of winter.

If you spend time on the site only in the summer, swimming is possible to use a small booth with a carcass stretched on racks oilcloth, top it is possible to set the tank being filled with a crane and a watering can at the bottom.In principle, the same way you can draw and a fully enclosed shower cubicle, at the same time using a solar collector to heat the water in the daytime on a clear day (which will save a lot of money).Also for short stays in the cottage you can use shower with a foot pump.

Toilet at their summer cottage - you can think

Yama is not always the simplest solution in terms of labor costs.In this regard, better to make holiday peat toilet: shower can wait, but the washroom is extremely important.And the option of peat, which is distributed via a dispenser at the bottom of the container, deserves the prefix "bio".Capacity is not hidden under the ground, and directly inside cabins, or rather, it combines and seat, and a container, which must be emptied from time to time.But, given the fact that all the wastes converted into compost that can be used to fertilize the soil, the landlord of such a toilet at their summer cottage is quite beneficial.

for cesspools produced special disinfecting biologics, which are based on natural microorganisms capable of partially treated waste and reduce odor.

lockers peat options need a little, just 130h100 cm, and absolutely no need to engage in excavations.All work you can invest in the construction design, which is necessary to provide a ventilation pipe and for connection to the peat container.But the smell, because of which a beautiful chalet toilets and pit latrines are badly combined, in the future you will not be bothered.

You can also use other similar type - a chemical.Very lightweight portable toilet, being empty, weighs less than 3 kilograms and is easily transported.This is a definite plus for the villa lavatory, net of the same can be considered that the fertilizer you will not get all the waste products dissolves special agent for suburban toilets, eliminating odors and passing.Poured into the bottom part of the container compartment is reserved for the top 15 liters of water, which the flush.If peat option should be emptied once a month, the chemical filled three family members already in 4 days .If there is an indicator, it always tells you when it's time to release the bottom of the container.

Suburban toilet odorless - a septic pit alternative

in rural areas usually do not have access to the sewage system, and hardly anyone has such means to stretch the tube from the nearest town.Therefore it is necessary to use a stand-alone toilet in the country house, which requires periodic cleaning.Yes, it can be a cesspool and convenient - when full, you can dig another.But the complexity of smells and did not justify such an option.If you need a holiday odorless toilet, septic tank will much better than any other sewer system.

There are several types of septic tank, the easiest - container, fills the waste products as using the toilet, and sinks in the kitchen and the shower.Several more expensive, although much more effective - a three-stage cleaning system.As is clear from the name, it consists of three tanks through which the drain.In the first tank filled with water, all that can settle, sinks, floats rest.After separation of the waste water coming into the next vessel via a branch pipe located at the third of the height of the septic tank.Further, for the work come from bacteria, which abound in the drained weight, that is, for the cottage Bioactivator toilets you do not need.

second reservoir, which is also partially filled with water, is used for the final screening of heavy fractions which are deposited and anaerobic bacteria are destroyed.The process takes place without the participation of oxygen, furthermore, active bacteria are isolated from waste methane.By the way, if you are here to install additional equipment and compressor fuel gas it is possible to collect in tanks and used on the farm.Third septic tank is dry, it is filled with special granules, through which the waste water is filtered completely and go into the soil through the drainage.This system allows you to position the lavatory in the house itself, and not to think of design as a separate cottage toilet cubicles.