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August 12, 2017 18:07

Furnace Russian baths - the basis of centuries-old tradition

correct system

for Russian bath brick ovens suited most.Due to the fact that they are heated slowly and evenly, they provide an optimal indoor temperature, and thus it does not overheat.However, Russian bath furnace are different from those used for heating other rooms.For high-quality steam heating furnace to be constructed in accordance with certain requirements.Also, their size should be selected based on the area of ​​the steam room.

Whenever the air temperature on the street, from -20 to +20 degrees centigrade, the furnace should be equally warm.To do this, use homemade furnace for a bath, which have built-up construction.This heater has a significantly higher heat transfer than conventional ovens.This device batch, the bricks are heated by burning firewood.The temperature can reach 600 degrees, but the guy still does not overheat.This design is quite simple and can be performed independently.

Important!It is necessary to take into account that the stove must be fireproof bricks.

What furnace for the best Russian baths?

nother option - is to use a metal stove for a bath at the cottage or the site.It has the following advantages: does not crack and heat resistant, quite easily transported and installed, economical, protected by special pads, which safeguard against burns.However, despite all the advantages of a metal heater - not the best option for the steam room.

He quickly warms up, and the stones for the same time do not have time to warm up, and as a result, pairs becomes moist.All known methods for dealing with this lack of serious success.To select a homemade stove for a bath, you need to take into account their advantages and disadvantages.About a metal stove we talked, now we look at the pros and cons of brick the device.Advantages:

  • supports long warm (6-9 hours after firebox discontinued);
  • has greater fire safety, as compared with the metal;
  • may warm up large areas;
  • The day after the furnace temperature is kept within the room 20, which allows a useful area for other purposes, for example for washing.


  • long time the furnaces, from 3 to 5 hours;
  • occupies a lot of space;
  • Homemade stove in the bath is rather complicated to manufacture;
  • need to do a deep foundation.

Important!Sweating is possible only after all the fuel will burn in order to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning gases. Taking into account all these factors, you should independently determine what type of stove for you to be more acceptable, and what the heater can build on their own, based on the capabilities and skills.

From metal

stone oven with his own hands a number of options.The first way - it's building it "from scratch".In this case you will have to study construction technology, to consult with experts, and the expenditure of energy, time and money are considerable.However, this option is considered the most high-quality and correct for the pair.

second option - is to modify an existing metal furnace.In order to make it evenly warmed, it is necessary to impose a brick.Laying is done in a half-brick, and it should not touch the heater and be at a distance of 15 centimeters.The clutch is a hole to pour water on the stones and regulate heating.Such openings is two, since the lower air will flow and exits through the upper hole pairs.

Note! Such a system can not be compared with a full brick oven, but it is better and simple metal device.