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August 12, 2017 18:07

Holiday homes from logs - how to build a wooden oasis ?

How to assess the quality of the material?

Despite the fact that outwardly look the same all the logs, in practice it is not.The choice of timber may affect the tree species, its geographic location, time of year, when it is cut away, and drying.It is known that the greatest health benefits bring coniferous trees.They most often used.

In addition, the north was cut down a tree, so it is stronger and increased gummosity not allow the development of rot.To log not rassohlis with the passage of time, you must make sure that they have passed both natural and forced drying.And although they can be used bars or laminated veneer lumber, summer houses made of logs look much prettier for the construction of wooden houses.

Why choose wood for the construction of a dacha?

Why should you opt for the tree, rather than a brick, for example?Construction of country houses from logs more promising.The tree does not have an unpleasant odor, does not contain harmful substances, it is inherently pure.Even treated w

ood continues to "breathe" and create a good microclimate in the house.So, with an excess of moisture wood absorbs it, and the shortage - pays.

low thermal conductivity allows the summer to keep the house cool, and in winter - heat.For comparison, if outdoor frost will be 40 degrees, thickness of the brick wall to save space inside the room should be about 70 cm, while the log diameter is 18 cm and pleasant smell natural logs not replace any modern material and air freshener..

The biggest disadvantage, which are cottages from logs - a fire hazard.Whatever treatment or spent, the tree will be subject to burning, although to a lesser degree.Mould and fungus also pose a risk.Therefore, before using timber in construction, they are treated with special preparations, varnish, and periodically thereafter doing a similar job.

How to build a holiday house from a log?

Before caravan designer will be erected, carried out preparatory work.Poured foundation, and at least for a week, he should stay.The most optimal time for the foundation - 30 days.It is necessary to ensure that the assembly house there is the right amount of round logs, and they are treated with antiseptic substances.Themselves logs should be dry.

From the Tools You will need the following: electric plane, hammer, shovel, crowbar, the roulette of varying length, level, square, Hacksaw, dowels made of birch.

lodge made of logs begins to revive in the drawing.There developed a sketch of the future house.Thanks to him, you can determine how many logs must be purchased in advance, basement area and other work.Creating and pouring the foundation - the first step for the construction of cottages.Because wood is easier to brick and ability to independently serve as a foundation, concrete foundations are shallow.Of course, if the ground is loose, the foundation is filled as far as possible.

next step - assembling round logs.Mounted vertical column and into the slot stacked logs.The compounds of birch logs fastened shkantami for strength and uniformity of the surface.Before you lay the first wreath at the foundation is fixed lining antiseptic board.In order to avoid gaps between the rims enclose the insulation.The jute fabric may be used as a heater.When the walls are erected, work continues on the installation of the rafters and the roof.

Since the draft gives the log, on the vertical supports are installed jacks for adjusting the height of the construction slump.At this stage of the construction is completed.You should wait 6 months and to start decorating.Summer houses made of logs and look great in harmony with nature.That is why the construction of a priority in the construction industry.