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August 12, 2017 18:07

Chandelier Art Nouveau - a key element of the interior

Ceiling chandeliers in a modern style himself

style originated in the late 19th - early 20th century, already in the first chandelier appeared soon.Hallmarks of these chandeliers are a minimum number of parts, smooth lines, asymmetry, and most importantly, the combination of all the parts of merging into a single entity.

Ceiling chandeliers in modern style

This style promotes the combination of functionality, naturalness, originality and decoration.In this style one of the most important parts is the illumination.After correctly selected luminaires guarantee good conditions for recreation or work, creates a certain atmosphere, the house is filled with comfort and warmth.

Chandelier Ceiling Art Nouveau is one of the key elements of the interior.They not only provide comfortable conditions in the room, but also a guarantee of creating a unique interior.

Ceiling chandeliers in modern style

Nouveau Chandelier hanging in the interior of the living room

It should not only be beautiful and unusual, but also fit the room.When choosing fixtures should take into acco

unt such parameters:

  • size of the room;
  • room type;
  • angle of illumination;
  • illumination quality;
  • her appearance.

Properly selected lighting fixture is guaranteed to create unusual interior and provide a pleasant pastime in the room.

Chandelier hanging in the Art Nouveau interior room

Modernist lamps can be installed in the living room, bedroom, office, children's room, office or a public institution.With this choice must also be considered.For example, photo art nouveau chandeliers show that in the living room should hang a large, solemn chandelier, thus making it a key element of the room.Perfect showy pendant model that will attract the attention of visitors.

Pendant lights are mounted on the chain, wire or metal cord.Usually they are the only source of light in the room must therefore be strong.Photo Art Nouveau chandelier in the living room shows that the best option would be a large chandelier unusual shape, which combines geometric sharpness and softness of the lines.Such lamps will go well with any furniture.

Chandelier hanging in the Art Nouveau interior room

The kitchen is well suited fixture without extra decorations, strong and bright.In the bedroom it is recommended to hang over the gentle lights with soft lines and asymmetry.lights tablets are also suitable, which are mounted directly on the ceiling.Photo Art chandeliers in the bedroom shows that ceiling suitable for rooms with a low ceiling, they will create the room a soft, diffused light.Chandeliers, ceiling lamps can also be used in other rooms, in combination with other types of lamps.

most popular manufacturers

leading producer today is Italy.Nouveau chandeliers from Italy are very popular all over the world, as they are made in accordance with all rules and quality standards are absolutely safe and reliable.

In addition, a chandelier of Italian Art - is a huge variety of shapes and sizes, so everyone can choose a suitable model.In Italy, the biggest production, however, is now popular as chandelier from Spain, France and Austria.These countries are implementing the largest supply in the world market.

The most popular manufacturers

Chandeliers Art Nouveau, whose photo in the range presented in the niche sites, will be a perfect addition to any modern interior.The variety of shapes and sizes will meet the tastes of even the most demanding customer.