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August 12, 2017 18:07

Modern style in the interior of the apartment .design Stock topical in 2015 .

What is a modern style of interior design apartments

Pay special attention to the following points of principle:

  • priorities straight lines.Clearly expressed, they must clearly show the geometry of the room and most of the available items in it.It's simple and concise.No flourishes, and other things.If it gives you a visual discomfort, then dilute the straightness and angularity of the interior, you can use small radii.However, let it be the usual geometric shapes - circle, oval, cylinder.
  • maximum neutral colors.Bright and vibrant colors leave the other styles.In the modern interior nothing should distract you.
  • free space, as well as light, should be plenty!Ideal large area and high ceilings.Do not worry that you have to live in a box - well-chosen accessories and furniture will correct this perception.
  • Gloss should be.However, do not overdo it - some painted, chrome or glossy surfaces enough.Luster - is also a glass, do not forget.
  • And on the glass - it should be a lot.This window, cabinet fron
    ts, vases, and so on. D.
  • Number decor is minimal.This does not mean that you have to give up, but moderate number of such things in the interior will have from your favorite family photos and favorite cactus.

Photo apartment in a modern interior Photo of modern apartment
Bedroom in modern style Bedroom in the Mexican style Design maisonette Contemporary style and décor Interior of modern apartment

If so far nothing negative has caused you, you can explore the features of more modern style.

The color scheme of this style

basic idea is neutral palette of colors and monochrome.Drawings, prints and patterns on surfaces are not welcome.

main colors used to design premises - white, black, gray and beige.Related shades also take place - sand, milk, cream, brown.

Interesting solution to the bedroom decor

As for the more bright colors, they are or are not present at all or are used in a limited number.So, spot color can be red chair, blue chair or all the same pot of cactus.Those who are in such paints quite boring, designers offer to paint one wall or part of it to the desired color.

The chair in the interior apartments

However, this provision is not always true for the kitchen, which can serve as the basis for the already mentioned color, but the facades of cabinets, desks or chairs can be quite saturated colors - yellow, red, orange, green.

furniture in a modern apartment

In any room, designed in a contemporary style should be a minimum of furniture.It should be only the most necessary items to you and meeting room destination (there is the influence of minimalism).

Modern living room with warm colors

lack of decor, invisible on the façade fittings, smooth surface and rectangular, cubic shapes - such should be cupboards, cabinets and various shelves.

Grey sofa

Upholstered furniture - this is the low chairs and sofas upholstered in dense monochromatic fabric or leather.Please note: The arms and legs of furniture should not be hiding textiles, leave them in plain sight.Usually they are made of wood or chrome-plated metal.

Brown sofa in a living room interior


all matched to the interior accessories should fully comply with the concept of style - its restraint, minimalism and color.The quality of the decor is becoming a priority amounts.

Solutions decor in the living room

relevant in the modern interior floor vases, original fixtures, abstract paintings and photographs in modern simple framework of metal, glass, plastic or wood.Sometimes these frames and can not be.

Interesting decor in modern children

Unusual lamp for the apartment in the form of arrows Relax luminaire for apartments Creative night light

Finishing apartment

This style of the rooms is quite democratic and allows the use of both natural materials and artificial.The basic rule is this: they all need to be high quality, and simulation - especially!

  • walls.Should be as flat and smooth.For their finishes suit wallpaper in appropriate colors or wallpaper for painting, if you decide to mix colors.If one of the walls should be allocated, then it can be done with the help of photo wallpapers.It is appropriate to use the paint.

Floors and ceilings

  • Paul.Bright laminate or parquet flooring, self-leveling flooring, ceramic tile and even a carpet - you can safely choose from these options.

An example of a workplace on the balcony in a modern apartment

  • ceiling.Fully meets the design tensioning style concept.Perhaps plasterboard ceiling device in one can do an ordinary paint, if desired.

house building

Modern style architecture - a combination of materials and areas such as high-tech, loft, minimalism.The main ideas in architecture are the same as in the interior - straight lines, angles, bright colors, large common space, the lack of decor (this time on the facade).

Main materials: concrete, reinforced concrete, glass, plastic, steel, aluminum.Large windows, modern technology and utilities must be present in the house.Everything is aimed at comfort and your convenience.

Interior of the house in light colors