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August 12, 2017 18:07

What is the protective earth and why we need it

Determination of the protective earth and the concept

Talking about what is called a protective earth, it should be noted that this term refers to an intentional electrical connection to a separate part of the installation (usually the case) with a special grounding device, which is carried out to provide electricalsecurity.This measure is to protect the human touch to the body or to any other part of the electrical installation.

Determination of the protective earth and its concept

important to note that the lower the value of the grounding device used, the better it can cope with the task - this can be seen in any example.And take full advantage of the technology in question can be, if you buy the outlet equipped with a grounding terminal.However, even such a device should be selected carefully, because every person dealing with electrical installations, you should know that such a protective earthing of electrical installations, and how to organize it.

In the case where there is a breakdown of the insulation between the active phase and the housi

ng of the electrical installation, the latter may come under strain.And, of course, that if at the time the device touches a person, it can have unfortunate consequences for him.A grounding and electrical protection measures help prevent electric shock.Moreover, such a system would consist of direct and special earthing conductors.

Determination of the protective earth and its concept

Operating vanishing and protective earthing of differences technologies and conductors

If we consider grounding device, it is important to note that the grounding can be as natural (metal structures of buildings and facilities, which are connected to the ground), soand artificial (steel tubes, angles and rods).Well, depending on the type of conductors, can be created and the contour of the protective circuit is working grounding.

Functional ground and protective earthing conductors and different technologies

Work neutral conductor for electric power, and because of its cross-section reaches such values ​​to possible operating current was passing.A protective conductor can create short-term short-circuit current, which provides a quick disconnect electrical installations, the operation of which was broken, from the power supply.That is, the purpose of the protective earth consists precisely in ensuring human security.And that it receives today the most widely used.

Since most specialists use a variety of mobile guides (steel pipes, zero wires are deprived of switches and fuses, etc.), they have created a portable protective grounding.Moreover, the calculation of the system will depend on what materials were used in the process of its creation, and to ensure the safety of the work, what kind of installation it is used.

Functional ground and protective earthing conductors and different technologies

operating principle of the protective earth

Special protective earthing can be used in a building or in the country, in the operating room or in the workplace.And to understand its principle of operation is necessary not only for professionals involved in the performance of work directly in the field, but also simple townsfolk.Note also that the purpose of the use of the system is to reduce step and touch voltages to safe values.And the touch and step voltages in this case may be due to how the closure of the housing, and other factors.And make installation so as to effectively reduce the potential of a hardware or align equipment and base potentials on which the man in the moment of contact.

The operating principle of the protective earth

There are certain rules of protective grounding device on which its effectiveness depends directly.Experts are well aware of these rules and try to follow them strictly.Therefore it is very important that the portable protective grounding of all types were mounted exclusively by people with appropriate qualifications.Only in this way you can ensure that the process is carried out properly, in compliance with all requirements and standards, and that the end result will demonstrate high efficiency.