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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make a grounding in a private house

grounding in a private home: What affects the quality

Residents of apartment buildings usually think of the power supply circuit of their homes only in emergency situations and on the ground construction often do not even think.They are good for them all the work performed builders, but the owners of villas and private houses have to provide for their electrical structures and make their ground with their hands.How to make a grounding in a private house

Grounding of electrical equipment and appliances, which are in our country life is becoming more necessary.It is understood by all.But reliably ensure the safety of this equipment in a private home can only proper grounding, do that without taking into account certain factors impossible.

  • characteristics of the soil.In various sections at different depths, and the conductive properties of the soil (resistance) differ.From these properties it depends on how deep you have to drive a grounding (electrodes) and at what distance from the surface of the rational thing to do circuit ground in the
  • contact area with the ground.The solution of this problem is entirely in your hands and depends on the selected design.Below, we provide some guidance on the matter.But remember, the more zone "reset" current, the better will be the work grounding scheme.
  • choice of materials.The problem is rather the economic plan as corners, brand, or steel rods and copper at a price different order of magnitude, but the latter, of course, have much to gain in the properties.How to make a grounding in a private house
  • design.How can you make the right ground in the country with their own hands (one project), we describe below, but here simply note that in fact the circuit can be made of any form and from any metal structures.Just to work.

How to make ground with their hands

basic process, though time-consuming, but electricity is not connected in any way.It is enough to be able digger and a good installer.By itself, the ground loop - buried this vertical and horizontal connecting their grounding and earthing conductor, which displays this link on switchboard.Here are some recommendations.How to make a grounding in a private house

  1. At a distance of less than 1 m (optimally) mark up the structure of an equilateral triangle with a side of 1,5-2 m.
  2. With a margin around the perimeter of 0.5-0.7 meters (mounting or welding) to a depth of 0, 5-1 m excavated trench.
  3. By marking in the corners of the triangle are driven to a depth of 2-3 m electrodes.In the simplest case - a steel corner 50h50h5 mm.For ease of penetration ends can be cut at an angle or make drilling at 1-1.5 m. Maul in hand and ahead.Use industrial fittings are not recommended for this purpose.Scale on the surface and the rapid development of corrosion layer significantly increases the resistance of the conductors.
  4. laid horizontally ground loops.It can be made from the same angles or flat steel (which is much easier).Fixing to the vertical electrodes is better to carry out welding and accurate bolting will work too.
  5. It collected the horizontal elements of the earth joins the grounding conductor and the excavated trench is applied to the structure fundametu.At the same steel strip (40h4mm) or steel wire diameter of 8-10 mm can be used as a guide.
  6. At the end of the ground liner to the house make good contact to connect the house grounding system to the distribution switchboard.
  7. Dug trenches and covered with earth carefully ramming.

main preparatory work with a ground loop is considered complete, there was sheer nonsense - connect.

Grounding autonomous system

All labor-intensive steps behind, you just tie the shield of your garden with the ground and the right way to do the wiring.If you know nothing about electrical engineering, you can simply select the section of the cable, buy a desired interval and call an electrician.For those who are willing to do all the work in the country on their own, be sure to stay at the TT circuit, a more expensive (installation RCD relay), but allowing for comparison with the TN-C-S, grounding is in a private home with their own hands in the final stage.How to make a grounding in a private house

Contact your circuit to the input of the PEN (zero - working protection) in this case is not required, all appliances and electrical equipment will be closed to the bus autonomously switch board ground.However, this choice, we are not imposing.