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August 12, 2017 18:07

Automatic switchboard guarantee your safety

What introductory machine for electrical

there are elements of major, minor and major in any engineering system.For the electrical switchboard of in-network with guns - the very chief, who, like good plumber will block the necessary valve when the valve or pipe burst.Installation of a switch in the house, apartment, cottage primarily involves the distribution of powers and functions of the target end-users with the output into individual machine modules.Automatic switchboard guarantee your safety

introductory circuit breaker is designed to avoid overheating of the wires in your home.Everything is simple and noble.If one connected to a switch board mounting groups experiencing long overload or limit fault currents corresponding machine disables the module.Before the right to assemble, equip and connect the electrical box in the apartment, garage or country house, it is necessary to conduct preliminary calculations the machine with the following parameters:

  • tolerance value of the input line voltage;
  • current frequency and its possible devia
  • allowable values-circuit currents;
  • characteristics of installed capacity;
  • type of grounding (TT, TN-C, TN-C-S).Automatic switchboard guarantee your safety

It should be noted that the conditions of power supply of city apartments and cottages are very different in all respects, so blindly transferring experience stable 220V, 50Hz and TN-C neutral regime in country living conditions are not worth it.Voltage fluctuations and autonomous ground require special hike: the right to collect the electrical and install it you can with your own hands, and to select and connect the machines after installation will let the experts.

Selection of configuration and size edektroschitka Automation

We already wrote about the types of models of boards on our website, so to discuss what is in the device, the rules of its assembly, installation and proper installation in a residential area, we will not.We carry out preliminary analysis of the factors influencing its internal stuffing, which you can select your own hands.Automatic switchboard guarantee your safety

  1. group design consumption.In this regard, one can not help you, because only you know, where there will be a washing machine, connect an electric kettle or microwave oven.The number of machines to a switch board is determined at this stage.
  2. power calculation for modules.This is for you, too, have to do with his hands and head.How well do you determine the load on each outlet, so in the electrical machines ensure the safety of your home.electricity areas can be chosen arbitrarily, but reasonably.
  3. Installation RCD after entering .The system needed, useful, but requires the installation of a switch board special place and an additional machine for the low gradations amperage.Automatic switchboard guarantee your safety

specifications and the number of single-pole circuit breakers electrical circuit of the apartment (house, garage) you have identified, it's time to buy them and collect the shield.Help: You can use the elementary dependence obtained empirically to select the switch.For every kW single-phase power consumption of the appliance is required to 4,5 A. breaker.Accordingly, an electric kettle and microwave, together consume 3.4 kW machine will require a 16A.

assembly the switch box housing

switch board installed (external or built-in, not so important), summed up the wires, to be filled with its contents, to collect and connect.If you do not know how to make the installation of the RCD, the counter and the machine, you should not deprive your family of light arms and other municipal facilities, and health itself.

Secure DIN-rail and even prischelknut circuit breakers in the electrical panel, you can own, but the installation of induction machine, the counter and the switching wires better leave it to the professionals.In this situation it is important not Whosoever cables and who correctly calculated the machines chosen panel, assembled in its provisional form and fastened in the right place.

For the most curious people who want to delve deeper into the problem, give a sample of the electrical wiring diagram of the apartment and video on its assembly.