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August 12, 2017 18:07

Types of heating cables

Preparation of constituent elements for heating pipes.

The appearance of this product is a flexible heater.There are two types of heating cables:

  • having a constant impedance (resistance).The most popular due to the low price.The principle of operation is that the conductor (metal or alloy) generates heat due to a high resistance.
  • Zone resistive.It usually costs more.Price due to the fact that it is more qualitative and reliable.Types of heating cables .

order to independently design and install pipe heating cable, you must provide all the details:

  • Calculate the length of the wire that goes to the coil, taking into account the diameter of the pipe;
  • Consider the depth at which the system is laid;
  • length of water pipe section intended to heating;
  • Choice of cable capacity, which depends on the thickness of the pipe walls.Types of heating cables .

How to prepare the cable for installation and operation.

should carefully read the manufacturer's recommendations before proceeding.The very process of connection must be carried out by qua

lified workers, specialized in this kind of work.The wire must be grounded in accordance with applicable regulations.

Never shorten, stretch and expose other mechanical influences.

work should be done in the warm season, as the effect of low temperatures leads to the risk of damage to the cable.Types of heating cables .

pipeline undergoing winding must be cleaned of dust, dirt and do not have any mechanical damage.As

adhesive tape can not use conventional adhesive tape, as this would lead to overheating of the cable and thus its damage.

According to safety regulations to prevent accidents, in a prominent place should hang necessarily a sign "Caution High Voltage!Danger! ยป

methods of laying the cable in the heating system.

There are two methods of laying the heating cable, which are used in the home for heating sewer pipes:

  • top of the pipe;
  • inside the pipe.

styling options, too, is a few:

  • Laying performed linearly over the entire length of the pipeline in several parallel rows, the number of which depends on the required capacity;
  • Winding wires on the tube in a spiral.The calculation capacity is calculated based on the number of turns and the distance between them;
  • If unable to use the above method is used variantom- arbitrary wavy laying the heating cable.

sequence of installation works: Types of heating cables .

  • The entire length of the pipe is necessary to stick a special foil adhesive tape;
  • top of it in a spiral (or other means) is wound around the cable, the distance between the coils should be approximately 10-15 cm;
  • top of the second layer again glued tape, which in this case serve as a lock, which does not allow the unwinding of the wire and slide;
  • All this turns into a heater, and the joints between the cable and the insulation should fit snugly to each other;
  • The completion of the process, this design domestic wrapped with tape;

should be noted that according to current Building Regulations, the distance from the cable to the water pipes should be about 1.5 m.