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August 12, 2017 18:07

Instructions for use of the gas column and slab

Handling column (according to instructions)

  1. Do not use a gas column, if there is no draft in the chimney.
  2. not use the column, which is faulty, and leave it unattended.
  3. In the room where she works, should not pass gas.If there was then a matter of urgency to open windows and doors and completely block the flow of the gas valve.It is also necessary to call the rescue service 04.
  4. If there is no flame, and it is not lit, then the first reason may be the lack of traction

User -over- exploitation of the gas - column - and - slab - 1

Based on the foregoing, it is important to make that the greatest danger for each owner of the gas column - a leakgas and all your actions should be aimed at preventing this trouble.

What other difficulties may arise with the column?Provides options for possible problems manual gas column.

She did not turn on, or bad heats the water.The first thing you should check is how serviceable heating elements column.It should be remembered that the batteries have only a one-year period of operation.Therefore, not more than a dozen to h

ave on hand in case the batteries are exhausted if.

All columns inside are arranged almost on the same principle, so if something does not work, the reason for all the same.One of them is the lack of water pressure and the absence of traction, as mentioned earlier.

User -over- exploitation of the gas - column - and - slab - 2

also a large amount of waste combustion in the chimney can lead to cardiac work of the column.Banal clogging due to lack of filter requires complete disassembly and cleaning of the device.

For gas stoves, as well as other gas equipment, gas columns, boilers, and other things, there is an instruction manual.And it costs a little to discuss.

Regulations gas cooker operation are

  1. Choose a location for the installation.If the height of the nearby kitchen units above the plates, the distance between them should be more than 1 cm.
  2. ensure thermal stability.The walls in the room must withstand temperatures of 100 degrees.
  3. Proper installation of furniture near the stove.Cabinets are mounted at a distance of 45 cm from the work surface, but if the material is resistant furniture.Install the hood and the electric socket handy.All outputs electricity grounded.
  4. User -over- exploitation of the gas - column - and - slab - 3

  5. Secure.Implemented by Auto-Protect.For example, the function of "gas-control", she elektrozazhig, which eliminates the need to use matches, also gives greater security plate.
  6. installation only by specialists.In addition, it is necessary to adjust the number of documents in the working data, and then you have to be trained.Instruction includes options for your actions if you smell gas, faults, etc.If you smell gas:
    • not turn on the lights;
    • off gas;
    • ventilate the room;
    • call emergency gang.
  7. User -over- exploitation of the gas - column - and - slab - 4

  8. , if there are bubbles, the gas is present for checking the gas filling must be rubbed soap Vodicka on the joint.
  9. not install to make any repairs to the hob.
  10. Utensils stove.It is made of aluminum, ceramics, glass, iron and steel, but the most commonly used Teflon and enamel.

In conclusion

for the resolution of other existing issues regarding the operation of the plate set and can be found in the normative document GOST 50696-94.

If you follow some recommendations for the exploitation of a particular technology, it is possible to extend its life significantly.Good luck!