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August 12, 2017 18:07

Sealant for pipe - overview of materials

Features sealants

He should have the basic functions.Such as:

  • strength.It is through this tube after sealing are becoming more resistant to deformation.
  • stability against moisture.
  • elasticity and its preservation.

For the most part it is pasty materials, whose main task - filling joints, cracks and sealing pipes and threaded connections.It is divided into several types:

  • Silicone.
  • lubrication.
  • tape.
  • Bitumen.
  • Acrylic.

Each of them is designed to solve specific problems, but some can be used to solve complex works.That is silicone.It is the most common type, which is used for sealing pipes.

Sealant for pipes 2

It is used for interior and exterior work.Has good strength, impact the chemical elements of climate change.Good interaction with plastic, tiles, enamel.For this reason used to eliminate leaks in bathroom, kitchen.In addition, the indisputable advantage is the fact that before its use is not necessary to apply additional funds to the surface, which is planned to be sealed.

Sealant for pipe - 3

Applying sealant

product is most commonly used in the field of heat transfer tubes (heating) and water.It is used very easily.It should be applied to the problem area and let it dry out.It is more difficult if the leakage occurred at the junction of the pipe.However, the technology does not differ from the previous one.Sealant for pipes can be:

  1. Neutral.Once there was a cure, there is a small film, which performs the basic task.
  2. Acid.This type is used for the metal pipes and joints.

wait long until the material dries not have to - it is very fast.Also there are sealing tapes, which are used in industrial applications and in household.They are considered a novelty and sealants are gaining more and more popularity since established themselves as simple and qualitative means.

Sealant for pipes 4

Using tape occurs during the laying of pipe joints.The only drawback is the need to prepare the work surface to feed good "came from."Mountable tape overlapping spiral, tightly wrapping a pipe or a separate section.

Sealant for pipe - 5

Sealant for pipes - is a unique tool that can solve complex and most importantly, the unpleasant task.In today's market there are many companies offering their wares, but not all of them are equally good, so when choosing best to consult with knowledgeable and understand people.Otherwise, you run the risk of overpaying when making a purchase.Sealants themselves do not differ much from each other as a basis for all one.The only weighty difference - it is their cost.Therefore, in order to save the need to make the right choices, and most importantly - do not rush.The problem of leaking pipes will leave you forever, and you can breathe a sigh of relief.Although the level of the problem - to bring to your attention a serious arsenal to combat the flow pipe and sealing it will be presented.