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August 12, 2017 18:07


rust converter for cars

rust converter for the car - it is a kind of medicine for another metal.Especially if this iron horse of domestic production.
Now the market popular 2 types of rust converters: acid-based and zinc-based.Let's investigate.

Based acids

As we have already identified, corrosion control using acids - this antiquated method.But whether it is effective?We all know that the best advertisement - it reviews.After spending a bit of time on the forums of motorists, we have determined that rust converters huge number of fans.Thanks to modern technology and user-friendly packaging - Corrosion has become quite easy and not labor process.
If you have noticed the development of corrosion even at the first stage, then you just have to get a rag and spray with an acidic liquid.Cleaning the surface, apply the solution and re-cleaned.If you use a rust converter is important to follow the instructions, because acid can damage your car if overexpose or used incorrectly.

If you decide to deal wi

th long-term rust, before using the transducer is to remove all the upper layers of rust using a wire brush, and after the treatment to walk sandpaper.Note that in both cases it is important to remove the rust completely - it will be a guarantee that it will not develop further.After treatment with sandpaper surface is degreased with white spirit.


rust converters

Based zinc

The best rust converter at this stage of technology development is considered a so-called "Tsinkar".Reviews about him agree to the fact that it is effective and no other way to deal with the corrosion can not be compared with him.

How does it work?The method is based on zinc which is deposited on the metal and prevents the re-occurrence of corrosion.When working according to this method, the victim of rust to the metal portion of purified (using all the same wire brush and sandpaper), and then treated with a cotton swab dipped in the electrolytic zinc salt solution, attached by wire to the battery.In the processing area formed plaque gray, which indicates that you have reached your goal.This method has a drawback - hard work.In the processing area takes several times longer than when treated with salt solutions.But it should be mentioned that after the processing of zinc metal is a place never exposed to rust that impresses everyone, even the most lazy, motorist.

Rust in

primer We have already written a lot about rust converters and will not be repeated.It is necessary to add only that relatively recently, some manufacturers, including the Germans, began to be added to acidic converters additives, as a rule, on the basis of silicone, due to which the processing of a thin layer of corrosion (you have previously most clean the surface of it) turns into a thin layersimilar to the ground.

worth noting that, according to reviews, this layer does not negate the need for applying the primer before painting work, so you need to ask, not whether the quality of the additional additives is lost?Judging by the reviews - the situation is controversial, so it's best not to risk it.


rust converters

Best rust converter - test

Let's compare the brand rust converters.

Hi Gear, 255, at 380 rubles.

This converter - in the ground.Promises after treatment to form a water-resistant coating of dark color.Cost, relative to its competitors, is low.Reviews say that the tool is not bad, but there are cheaper Chinese counterparts who perform work at a higher level.Our estimate - 3 points.


rust converters

RUNWAY, 125 ml., 300 rubles.

more expensive counterparts Hi Gear.It acts on the same technology.It declares that forms the ground of black color, completely ready for paint application.Reviews RUNWAY much better, but he is very picky about room temperature and, therefore suitable not for everyone.Our estimation - 4 points.
AS-4828 Movil with rust converter, 1 liter., 183 rubles.
leader for low cost and bad reviews.As expressed in 90% of motorists: "He is only temporarily" preserves rzhu ", after some time, the affected area begins to rust on."Nothing to add.1 point - for correct pricing.

TSINKAR, 500 ml., 180 rubles.

disadvantage - should be carried out, tampon, gloves, difficult to use.Advantages: removes corrosion forever, cheap, 82% user reviews - positive.We think this is a solid top five, because all the flaws - it's laziness, but for a good result - is worth some work.