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August 12, 2017 18:07

Construction of the baths of laminated veneer lumber - the secret of the effectiveness of the technology ?

Why is construction of a modern bath choosing glulam?

In contrast to the classical round shape logs, from which and breathes antiquity, glulam is a strict regular tetrahedron.From it you can build a building of any complexity, and it will look modern and fashionable, its understated relief walls.

most important thing is that this house preserved the intimacy and warmth with which are endowed with all the wooden buildings.This is one of the main reasons for the mass popularization of the baths Construction Technology of laminated veneer lumber.

Another important advantage of hiding in the building materials, more precisely in the technology of its production.Glued laminated timber consists of several identical boards (2-5 pieces), firmly glued together.Slats pre-adjusted to each other on the woodworking machines, then they are thoroughly dried in special chambers (1-2 weeks) and treated with protective impregnation.The flow take a common parameters for the board, in which:

  • no knots and burrs;
  • level of humidity - up to 10%.

The same thorough approach to the choice of adhesive for timber production.This sturdy, waterproof and eco-friendly solution that meets all the stringent international standards (DIN.EN.204 certificate of conformity).For better adhesion of boards assembled and glued product is placed under a heavy press to a full set of his strength.

As a result, this type of timber presents a number of useful benefits to developers:

  1. limit strength .This figure is in laminated veneer lumber is 50% higher than that of whole logs, through the use of "puff" of boards with different orientation of the fibers.
  2. Easy to assemble.The work of the builders elements fall strictly identical form and with all the necessary mounting slots.Moreover, a timber equipped with a face already girth insulation.
  3. The fast pace of construction. «designer» is going easily, but after the construction of the building shell, you can go directly to the finishing.In contrast to the construction technology of the bath shaped timber, there is no need to freeze construction for 6-12 months, because the structure will not get any major "disasters" shrinkage.Indicator "unnecessary movements" just miserable - only 2-3%.

picky consumers wary complex structure of laminated veneer lumber, disrupts the natural "breathing" of the wooden structure.Another "but" - a novelty makes only the first "steps" in the building, so no one in practice has not yet been ascertained, the durability of the finished "glued" construction.But the developers of forecasts is quite favorable, and the benefits available to more than cover the small "spikes" negative.

Design "highlights" for the construction of baths from glued beams

Freestanding steam bath - a classic of the genre, but in conditions of severe lack of free space on the site for more than a flexible approach to the design of the structure.The best option is a two-story room of laminated veneer lumber, which combines and a wellness center, and a residential block.

The benefits of this project there:

  • More space. Useful area of ​​the building is increased twice, on the second floor you can live your own, or use a room to accommodate guests.
  • modest costs. construction cost will increase slightly (≈25-30%), since the wooden house easier and reserve strength of the foundation will be enough for "two".
  • small time expenses.The second floor bath grow "by leaps and bounds," because to collect a box of laminated veneer lumber is very easy.The construction will be delayed by only a couple of days.

two-floor baths from glued beams have a lot of ready-made and interesting projects.Excellent fit in the architecture of the building open balcony on the upper level, which is placed directly over the spacious outdoor terrace.

Another know-how - the rational use of the attic.In fact, you get another floor to its altitude-bath beauty, where with the help of well selected furniture and special podiums easy to create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere.

Important nuances in the construction of baths of laminated veneer lumber harvested

  • building material stored under cover.If it is packed, then a few days before the start of work he should be released from the protective packaging.
  • plinth building better lift (30 cm) and make it a brick.This will help protect the lower crowns well from dirt and water.
  • If during the construction of the mounting grooves will be cut by yourself, be sure to process them further means of protection against fire, water and insects.
  • If properly selected timber size, the sauna does not require additional external insulation.It insulates inside a steam room office, for which you can use special bath equipment (eg, Penoterm) .
  • best insulation for floors and roofs - Basalt mineral wool, which when laying necessarily require technical ventilation clearance for your free "breathing".
  • Wooden wall - a great decoration for all areas of the two-story "bath" of the house of laminated veneer lumber.But the room is better to wash sheathing moisture-resistant gypsum board and ceramic tiles, which can easily transfer a close contact with the water.

Despite the ease and simplicity of the construction of baths from glued beams, it is important to calculate all of the load on the system, distribute them evenly between the frame and the base of the building.Therefore, you can only take as a basis the finished project on the Internet, and then adjust it with the help of a specialist at your site.