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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to ensure effective drainage for a bath ?

We design for drainage bath

Ways to drain the device in the bath you have several.And we look at them from the simple to the complex, as perhaps you have already decided to stay at the most primitive, and this will save you from unnecessary information on the creation of an entire drainage system.In villages near the river, decided to build the baths along the shore.

This not only gives you the opportunity to plunge into the water after the sauna in the summer (and sometimes in the winter), but also provides a way to get rid of excess moisture simplest way - drain into the river.If your site takes place near a river or stream, so even a small ravine close to there, you can not think about what to do with water.It is enough to make the output of the drain pipe in the river and order.

other three methods will require a lot more effort, but using any of them is necessary, if not near anything suitable for draining water used in the bath.So, the first - this is a common pit that is dug not far from the

bath, and where wastewater pipe.The disadvantage of this method of getting rid of excess moisture - the hole will need to be emptied periodically, or buckets, or causing a vacuum trucks.

The next method is to drain the well arrangement, which is filled with broken bricks (value of the fragments can be any), gravel, crushed stone, sand.The water passing through multiple layers, cleaned and gradually absorbed into the soil, moisturizing it for many tens of meters around. Such drainage for the bath is best done away from buildings with foundation .The third way - complete with drive-drainage sump and tank to collect the filtered water, which can be watered land.

How to get the drainage in the bath without concomitant

odors drain system is best created directly during the construction of bathing facilities since then to make qualitative drainage in the bath will be very difficult.In the steam room, where most of steam, and thus moisture after cooling, the floors are made, usually wood, but it can be a concrete variant of the tile covering.

In the first case it is better to dig the hole a special reception, with a bias to which will be made concrete surface hidden beneath the wooden decking.Pit should be shallow, a quarter of a meter enough, its dimensions and solidity may not differ, would be enough 30x30 centimeters.In one of the walls is a drain at a distance of 10 centimeters from the bottom, above it to the edge of the pit to attach the metal platinum, not reaching to the bottom of centimeters 5.

plate tightly to cut off all the space above the pipe from the environment, its edges go to the wallbut under the plate the water must pass freely.Thus, a water seal, the edge of which is always hidden under the water, cutting off odors from the chimney.

If the floor is concrete in the bath, it is recommended to do it in layers, namely, when laying the first layer is put in a liquid solution drip tray with a receiving chamber in the center of the room, which should be provided with a default water seal.Then top it all covered galvanized metal mesh, followed by a layer of waterproofing, another layer of mesh and can be filled with a new layer of concrete, do not forget to bring the receiver vertically shaped flow elements.

Floor should be performed with a slight slope toward the center, where we drain hole made flush (if desired, and for safety reasons, so as not washed away something useful, you can close the drain grid).

How to build a continuation of the bath drain

have already been described methods of providing water runoff from the bath, and maybe you know very well how to build a suitable container.If not, the following information would be superfluous for you. Regular pit waterproof make just enough, more importantly, to the place where you decide to dig it, it was below the level of the bath arrangement. The rest - the sides and bottom obkladyvayutsya stone, and then covered with a thick layer of cement (you can even make the formwork).

Drain well ... but let about it just mentioned, and the method of construction shown earlier.It remains only to consider an autonomous sewer.If any, you already have, and the resources of its sump is large enough, you can take a bath from the drain directly to the system.If the receiver is small, standalone header personally do for a bath.If

of improvement area already carried out work for the sewage treatment plant drainage bath it is recommended to make the least ambitious.

So, we have derived a pipe, therefore, have a trench dug under it.At the end of the trench, no closer than 5 meters from the start of flow begin to dig a hole, the size of which is determined by the pre-acquired capacities of PVC.Logically, the tanks have to be roomy, especially if the room is designed for a large number of people.

When the pits are ready to be placed on the bottom of the waterproofing and pour on top of the sand layer 20 cm thick, it will be a cushion for the tanks, so it is advisable to level it as carefully as possible.Set the container is connected to the first via coupling drain pipe extending from the bath, and then the tanks connect another tube located closer to the bottom.Now, on the principle of two vessels connected by water will flow from the first reservoir into the second, gradually purged of foreign particles, leaving the sediment.