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August 12, 2017 18:07

Warming brick baths and other types of parylene : teach - how and advise - what

Conventional protective measures for the bath include:

  1. standard insulation box building.
  2. Additional internal "conservation" steam.

first stage makes economical use of energy for heating auxiliary bath facilities (locker rooms, rest rooms, washing, etc..), The second - it is easy to keep the heat in the steam room office.If the role of the external isolator is suitable for almost any profile building material inside the steam room "survive" only the strongest.Here, requirements for candidates is particularly strict.

Insulator must:

  • without problems endure extreme temperature changes;
  • not release when heated external odors;
  • not poison the atmosphere of the room harmful vapors.

ideal applicant for this honorary role - basalt rock wool , which is equally suitable for indoor insulation brick, wood framing and baths.The only drawback - rabies exceptional.As soon as the moisture penetrates into the cotton insulation, to drive it out it is impossible.Material dubeet and ceases to perform all th

eir duties.

second worthy candidate for the "blockade" hot zone - keramzit .But in view of flowability, it is used only for the arrangement of a multi-layer design of the wooden floor and ceiling.Note that the gravels filling became warm, "fur coat" layer need "balls" with a minimum thickness of 25 cm

Another vintage bath "friendĀ» -. wood shavings .Because it is made of heat capacity slab, which sheathe the bath room.The bulk material is used mainly for the insulation of the attic ceiling.

Now let's pick up the most optimal external and internal thermal protection circuit for all popular types of sauna room.

Warming bath brick inside and outside

Brick Box Sauna room - robust, reliable, but also the most expensive.To reduce construction costs, its thickness is reduced to 1.5-2 bricks, which is clearly not enough for economical energy consumption for space heating.Correct the situation will help external insulation bath brick using foam.

polymeric material - Economy option for finishing the class.But note that it is better to use a special type of PSB-S (extruded), which is self-extinguishing.

technology is simple, so you can easily perform insulation foam by hand.Here is a list of required works:

  1. Cleaning walls of dirt and excess solution.
  2. Priming the entire work surface.
  3. Sets the lower starting profile.
  4. Fixing the first row of sheets of foam to the wall with glue and dowels.
  5. similar masonry material remaining rows with bandaging of seams.
  6. Adhesive application and assembly of glass fiber mesh.
  7. finishing the building facade.

Inside insulation brick steam bath, it is desirable to make using mineral wool.Walls protect Gidrobarer, then mounted the wooden crate and hung her coat thermal insulator, covering the whole "pie" reflective foil.Work is being completed lining the entire room for the tongue board saunas.

How to make a warming bath from a bar?

Thick beams ideal shape - a great building material for energy-efficient buildings.Wood is much superior to brick for thermal insulation characteristics, so when you log diameter correct selection of bath does not need to install additional external "coat".However, the owner must take care of the thorough protection of the joints connecting the framework.To do this, use a felt material with the addition of flax and tow (lnodzhutovy felt, lnovatin etc.).

Such insulation wooden bath is performed in several stages:

  1. When assembling the boxes between the joists are placed tape insulator, and its lateral edges carefully clog mezhventsovogo seams.
  2. after shrinkage log make another planned konopatku joints.
  3. It is advisable to repeat the procedure in 2-3 years after the operation of the hut.

success of the event depends on proper technique caulking seams after a forced break in the technical building.. With this finish can even correct small distortions in the bath designs and raise her a box of 15-25 cm

mezhventsovogo pile welds performed by such rules:

  • material fixed on both sides of a log house;
  • konopatku should start from the lower rim baths;
  • insulation is hammered into the seam of the crown consecutively around the perimeter of the log.

But even so powerful in its thermal insulation characteristics of a wooden box bath is not strong enough to effectively delay the heat in the steam room.To reduce future energy costs, the wall "red zone" additional veneer wood paneling and hide inside the technical gap efficient insulator.For this there are special bath material already covered on the one hand reflects the "mirror."

for interior decorating in the sauna bath from a bar, you can use the standard "pie" with mineral wool, only the thickness of the working layer can be two times less than for a brick steam room.

What you need to consider when framing warming bath?

The idea involves stacking frame building inside the hard wood of the "skeleton" of sufficient heat insulation layer.The technology is called "Canadian" and built in such a way a house is considered one of the most energy-efficient designs in a modern building.

Warming framing baths is desirable to make using the mineral wool, the use of foam is not appropriate.In every window "skeleton" put cotton insulator, protecting it under the standard scheme of hydro and vapor barrier.

External and outer sides of the frame sheathe clapboard wood or OSB-plates, and then engaged in finishing finishing work.All intermediate steps are completed in a record short time, because the steam room on the Canadian "recipe" does not shrink, so its construction can cope for 2-3 weeks.

Roast branch framing bath additionally insulated on the inside similar to the framework.It is convenient to use a special roller insulators, which immediately equipped with a protective membrane and does not require mandatory ventilation arrangement gaps between the partitions.