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August 12, 2017 18:07

Baths from profiled timber - the secret of the popularity of huts - skorostroev ?

shaped timber for a bath: the complete "dossier" on the building material

At first glance at the bath of the profiled beam notes which form an ideal in this hut, beauty.In comparison, its peasant "ancestor" looks like a shabby shed.

's all about the special treatment of timber: a felled log hewing to the automatic centering machine as long as does not acquire a perfectly round shape of the desired diameter.To this end, the blank immobilized, the mechanism slowly rotates it around its axis, and the longitudinal moving cutter cuts all superfluous to her.

For the same purposes as there are lingering woodworking machines, but they provide a rough treatment timber, a negative impact on future specifications of the wooden structure of the wall.

shaped timber gives several important advantages in the construction of such heat-loving structure as Bath:

  • Good quality whole structure. Unlike other types of solid sawn lumber provides better "breathing" walls, gives them a unique thermal insulation performan
    ce (the heat capacity processed logs with a diameter of 160 mm 630 mm equivalent to a brick wall).
  • ideal docking elements. At full production each workpiece equipped with special mounting slots that provide dense masonry framework.Permitted differences in linear dimensions of the finished logs are negligible - 2-4 mm.
  • Beauty undulating walls. Log cabin of corrugated timber does not need a decorative finish, because the box itself looks amazing.The interior of the baths will give its visitors a warm and intimate atmosphere and a spectacular exterior fa├žade definitely will attract eyes.

But there is this "reference handsome" and its drawbacks.On hewn log impossible to determine its northern stronger side, and in the processing annihilated most durable layers of wood.This leads to annoying cobweb of cracks in the already stacked in the frame blanks.To reduce cracking shaped timber, at its base makes the joints, which partly arose remove internal stress.

Construction of the baths of the profiled bar

On the production release logs with a diameter 160-220 mm and a length of 7 m. Usually, for the construction of baths are choosing large-shaped beam (200-220 mm), providing the strongest thermal insulation performance (equivalent to1-1,13 m brick wall).Type of wood - the north, in our regions for this purpose processed pine or spruce.

Wooden bath - easy structure, so under favorable conditions in the area for its care enough most economical pier foundation.Once the support posts are ready, came the framework installed.

You can do this in two ways:

  • Simple. At the construction site comes in standard lengths of corrugated board.Workers will have to adjust their own blanks to each other, cutting the beams at the desired length and making them necessary mounting slots.
  • The design. directly in the production of carcass cuts out your bathhouse and provide all the necessary elements in to set the groove.For the convenience of the construction site already comes with a numbered diagram of the masonry building material of the future box.

The first method requires the involvement of highly skilled carpenters, but the "designer" under the power to lay down even an ordinary worker without any special skills.

main difficulty in the construction of a bath from a bar

Those who decided to build a sweat lodge in this way should take into account two important nuance:

  1. shrinkage of the framework. After the construction of the building will have to freeze the construction of the box for at least 6 months (ideally - 1 year).This time is necessary for the final shrinkage of logs, where possible deformation windows, doorways and ceilings.The percentage of the "harmful" figure is quite high - 8-12%.
  2. additional insulation bath. Despite tight docking masonry elements of the frame shaped timber needs to double konopatki (clogging seams special heater).First time insulation is performed directly by laying the logs, but the second time the procedure should be repeated after the completion of forced waiting time.

baths Construction of the profiled bars made of a better building material complex profile that is different from a simple sample "plechevidnym" loop installation slots.This will provide a high technical indicators of the future structure of the walls (neproduvaemost, better insulation joints).