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August 12, 2017 18:07

Thermal insulation of the walls inside the bath and complete algorithm for thermal protection of the sauna

Each bath walls - its insulated "jacket»

In the bath, there are three different in "nature" of the room: Steam fiery, moderately hot wash and cool lounge.Each of these premises requires an individual approach for thermal insulation, and protection measures are directly dependent on the type of material from which to construct a building box:

  1. Bruce. Insulation of walls of this natural raw material is reduced to a careful pile mezhventsovogo seams log.Moreover, this procedure will have to be repeated several times.It is best suited for this purpose an insulator of a mixture of felt, flax and jute, which is not to stone, can not be attacked birds and insects, long retains its unique insulation properties.
  2. Brick. Since saving of expensive material, the bath is traditionally built with walls of brick thickness of 1.5-2.But this box is not able to provide good insulation characteristics of the building, so all exterior surfaces additionally insulated styrofoam plates thickness of 5-10 cm. At 30-35% mo
    re expensive cost facade works using solid mats of basalt mineral wool.
  3. cinder block. Some varieties of this material are strong enough in insulating characteristics, but still not enough to properly protect this specific building, a bath.Therefore, steam room as well dress the outer "coat" of the foam or mineral wool.

All these measures are optimal for the standard insulation of the bath, steam room and here, because of its extreme climate, needs extra strong "armor" of their walls.Regardless of the material from which the building is constructed, it is necessary to make the internal insulation of the space.Thermal insulation inside the walls of the bath is most often done with the help of fire-resistant basalt mineral wool.

Security "pie" is made up of such layers:

Wooden wall paneling - vapor barrier - Mineral wool - waterproofing

The only difference is that the thickness of the insulator for wood may be minimal (for insulation inside the walls of the bath log using thin effectivematerials with foil), but for the brick and cinder block, it is desirable to provide a standard mineral wool ball 5 cm.

How better to insulation sex in the bath?

Paul - a real "hole" in the building insulation.Through it lost up to 30% of the precious heat, so it is important to block the huge hole in its thermal protection.

Thermal insulation of concrete floor in the bath foam is reduced to the arrangement of the multi-layer covering, where it necessarily included 5 (10) -santimetrovy effective thermal insulator layer of PSB-35. For real comfort in the wash, and the common room provide a better system "warm floor".

It is ideal for a gentle heating in the living rooms and showers, as the bottom radiant heat is evenly distributed in the room and eliminates the cold "carrot", the batter's legs in buildings with a traditional heating system.But in the steam room, such measures would be superfluous, since the floor is heated by the high room temperature, protect bathers enough foot wooden bars.

now turn to the nuances of the warming of the wooden floor in the bath.To do this, double-mounted in indoor flooring planks, between which the hide and thermal insulator.Such a system is called - "leakproof»:

  • lower layer boardwalk - roughing, for its arrangement uses a second-rate lumber, which is nailed to the bottom of the log;
  • top boards ball - face the floor, consisting of a wooden lining the premium (the best board for sauna made of pine, larch);
  • between the lower and upper wooden flooring laid insulator traditionally protected on both sides of hydraulic and vapor barrier.

Floor Warming bath foam - is undesirable.Still, it's an external isolator that inside the building "sins" radiation harmful phenol vapors.The best option - is already known basaltic mineral wool (5 cm).

foldable "teplolovku": insulation ceiling baths

ceiling - a place where directs heated air in the steam room, so it is important to reliably protect this way of possible leakage of heat.Consider the most popular option with installation of hardwood floor.

There are two ways of warming the ceiling baths, each of which can be done by hand:

  • Open. top of the wooden lining, vapor barrier protected, fill a 25-cm layer of expanded clay.Only such a filling thickness "balls" to ensure proper protective characteristics of the bath ceiling.The method is suitable only in the case where the steam room to build one story without the attic.
  • closed. differs from the previous embodiment in that the "coat" is covered on top waterproofing and boardwalk.In the middle of expanded clay instead of the system, you can use mineral wool.

Warming bath ceiling with his hands can do cheap age-old way.Hardwood floor twice smeared liquid clay, and then after drying, the surface is filled with a mixture of sawdust and dry oak leaves.Warm "blanket" covers dry earth (layer - 5 cm).This ceiling insulation bath works better than today's finishing options.