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August 12, 2017 18:07

Supplies for a bath - choice subtlety

board for sauna - general advice on finishing

So, foundation for baths already filled, and all external works also came to an end.In this case we have to move on, from interior decoration.As a rule, for this purpose use wood of different wood species.

Attention!Not all woods are suitable for finishing the inside of the bath or sauna!

timber baths are selected such that they do not have a high concentration of tar and moisture steadfastly endured.These properties are hardwoods such as birch, linden, or aspen.In addition, if properly prepare some pine wood, and then they are perfectly cope with the problem.These include a pine, or, for example, cedar.By the way, in recent years it has become very popular to use abashi tree that grows in Africa.Surely, everyone noticed that almost every interior saunas - a vertically arranged close to each other a small plank width.Please note, in order to avoid emission of toxic fumes, the walls inside the building in any case do not cover paints!Many in the decorat

ion of the interior of the bath resort to some tricks.They have a height of 1 meter on the walls steam rooms spread glazed tile .This allows you to thoroughly flush out the problem area, which is constantly dirty.Around the perimeter of the ceiling and the floor must be installed baseboards.At the same time at the base of the floor it must have a minimum height of 10 cm, as well as being waterproof.Plus, make sure that the bottom edge of the wood paneling did not go for the plinth.This will avoid getting rolls down from the walls of the plinth drops.Regarding sex, there also has its own nuances.It is, of course, may be made of wood, but it can not insulate!Otherwise, moisture will have nowhere to go, that will lead to the rapid decay of the wood.An excellent yield will be laying on the floor tiles .It is, in principle, to clean and much better quality and better than the wooden floor.Another important part - is the door to the sauna!Due to the stringent temperature variations for doors suitable glulam beams.

wood for decorative elements inside the bath

So, when the walls are covered, it is necessary to pick up the wood in order to equip your sauna benches, may well be suitable aspen.It has a relatively low price, as well as resistant to temperature changes.To avoid injury, all the benches are made rounded edges!Do not be amiss to make sure that all the benches were fitted with head restraints, which can also be made of aspen or poplar wood.Some developers of the same building materials do footrest, which will allow the person in the "lying" position, keep your feet above the head.In principle, even a recreation room, which requires increased comfort for its visitors, equipped with benches made of aspen or poplar.The only thing you should pay attention, because this is the fact that the width of the bench should not exceed 40 centimeters.

Eliminate wood rotting in the bath

If your bathroom is built in compliance with all rules, to protect wood from rotting process is not necessary, because better than any chemical compounds tree protects couples, fever, as well as soot.

Attention!The use of antiseptics for wood from rotting inadmissible, because they are toxic at high temperatures and emit an unpleasant odor!

As mentioned earlier, it is also prohibited various paints for interior decoration sauna.The only thing that can be advised to decorate the walls, so it is forced blackout.This can be done in two ways:

  • With a blowtorch.Only after the firing of wooden elements they must be sanded to remove the top layer of soot.
  • staining walls pyrogallol.Thereafter, it is imperative to treat the surface of the ammonia vapors.By the way, after work done should carefully ventilate the room.Duration of treatment should be at least 15 minutes.