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August 12, 2017 18:07

The different linings for bath from linden and aspen ?

Lining: Advantages

Before you deal with the fact, what are the advantages of this material, let's first define what a siding?In fact, this sheathing board, which is made of different woods.It has standard sizes, approved GOST 8242-88 .The length of - 1.5, 3 and 6 meters, the width may be 90-95 mm, 14-22 mm in thickness.

also happen and Lining for a bath, which is produced in accordance with foreign standards DIN 68126.

It differs from national is that it has adjusted the parameters for a variety of wood, geometry, on the back side it is equipped with longitudinal ventilation grooves to eliminatecondensate surplus.It is considered more practical and economical.Among the main advantages of the material recovered:

  • reliability and durability;
  • excellent acoustic and thermal insulation characteristics;
  • ease of handling and installation;
  • moisture resistance and nonsusceptibility rot (if using special impregnation);
  • has an aesthetically attractive appearance and allows you to hide some flaws and sh
    ortcomings in the room.

Molded sauna - is made from a tree?

Often the question arises - what is best for lining baths? It is known that it can be made of completely different species - coniferous and deciduous.The first noteworthy in that they have a greater lifespan, and the resin contained in the wood is a good antiseptic and protects the material itself against the penetration of moisture and mold.The latter are more suitable for the finishing of "dry" areas.

most common aspen and linden linings for baths.The first will last a long time, because of extraordinary hardness differs.It is also not afraid of water and is bright and clean for a long time.Aspen paneling is used to finish the floor, benches, shelves.The only drawback - the high cost.It substantiates this difficulty finishing wood, which can rot occur periodically.To aspen paneling for the bath was without it, and need appropriate treatment.

Molded linden for sauna is more accessible and also has a number of significant advantages.It has a pleasant smell, has a low thermal conductivity, and does not change color during a long operation.It also easily handled, since the very little wood knots.In addition, an important advantage of the linden are its medicinal properties, so use it for lining bath is also very good for the man himself.

few words about finishing bath clapboard

Once you have decided on the material, and you no longer tormented by the question - how to choose a bunk bath, you are ready to finish.For a start is made crate.Securing the timber by means of screws in the range of about 60-70 centimeters apart.At the same time monitor the horizontal and vertical rows, using assembly line or level.Further, the frame should be treated with special antiseptic toothpaste or a mixture.

existing gaps between the bars in the crate is filled with mineral wool or any other material for thermal insulation of the bath.Over it makes waterproof film, which is attached using a stapler.Only then clapboard siding begins.Krepjat board nails or klyaymerami.So gradually move around the perimeter, each turn oblitsovyvaya wall.At the final stage battens covered with wax, paint, stain or other protective structure.