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August 12, 2017 18:07

Cold welding of linoleum - professional styling at home

Cold welding - what is it?

Welding when laying linoleum is used for almost all known types of PVC materials.Why are there some restrictions?It all depends on the type of linoleum, if he had no insulation or knotted base, the welding seams of linoleum will be "a great success", if all of the above additions are present, joints grow together much worse.This type of connection joints occurs by a chemical method using special adhesives.

Adhesives for this process are of two types.The first type is suitable for splicing new linoleum, while the second is used when passing sutures on the b / y material.The difference between the two lies in the consistency of the mixture.

adhesive material lying much thicker, becausethey have to plug the "sprawling" joints, which sometimes are leaving a few millimeters.This adhesive mixture is poured into the crack, and she holds them together.Glue for new PVC coating acts somewhat differently: it welds tightly fitted pieces by melting the edges.

Getting Started

On the Internet there are a large amount of material about how the welding linoleum, video tutorials help to deal with all the subtleties that can not be described in words.

Yet this process is so simple that many domestic masters and enough text to describe the sequence of actions.

Before you glue the linoleum Cold welding, it is necessary to prepare a coating and tools.You will need a knife for cutting linoleum, masking tape, a ruler, a piece of particle board, adhesive tape and, in fact, the adhesive "cold welding".

First of all, it is necessary to align the mating edges of the material.To do this on a sheet of chipboard laid PVC coated and trimmed it.Many experts advise linoleum glued to the ground, thus avoiding its deformation during operation, and will be more durable and reliable seal when welding.

linoleum is glued on screed special agent or a double-sided tape.In addition, it is desirable sticking linoleum smokers over 20 m², and in rooms with intensive flotation.

As described above, cold welding action principle is based on chemical processes, so careless operation may damage the front surface of the PVC material.To protect the external side it is advisable to use masking tape.This adhesive tape is glued to the two mating halves of linoleum.

Getting Started - take into account several features

Now you can proceed directly to the application of cold welding on the surfaces to be glued.To do this, uncorking the tube and causes the adhesive mixture into the joint between the welded surfaces.It is necessary to ensure that the composition dispensed evenly over the entire surface of the joint.

after use can be observed that the part of adhesive extends.It is a normal practice, and with the removal of such surpluses should be postponed.It must be done for several reasons:

  • chemical processes occurring in the material, require a certain amount of time;
  • when removing the speakers surplus possible and partial removal of the wet glue seam technology;
  • possible clogging of the bonding surface, which reduces the quality of the welding.

After drying, this seam is almost invisible from the outside, provided a precise fit linoleum edges.If something remains unclear, the video "cold welding of linoleum" dispel all questions.