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August 12, 2017 18:07

Linoleum for household needs

Linoleum heterogeneous - the characteristics of the protective layer

Unfortunately, the really natural linoleum, that is made from linseed oil, after which this material has been called, is not produced since 1950, when natural raw materials have been replaced by synthetic, namely,- PVC.

As a result, commercial linoleum heterogeneous, whose characteristics differ from those of a few household items and homogeneous variant thereof are at the basis of PVC, though, and are called natural grass.

However, in comparison with other classes of materials, has commercial advantages - a high level of wear resistance, greater longevity (homogeneous type in which reaches tens of years), and resistance to many types of aggressive action.

If household linoleum is 4-5 layers, including enhanced with glass and protective coating, then the business of protecting the two. One of them, the upper is made of polyurethane and has a special strength, not afraid of fire (you can not panic because of falling flaming matche

s or cigarettes) and is stable when exposed to weak acids and alkaline solutions.

Homogeneous linoleum in

section there are other type of commercial flooring - homogeneous linoleum 5-8 mm and a width of 2 meters.If this material is considered in cross-section, it is a homogeneous structure, that is composed entirely of a single layer, which can sometimes be supplemented polyurethane protection.The latter option is perfect for laying in the kitchen, as less sensitive to stress and high temperatures.Pigment

inclusions in commercial-type vinyl coating typically have sizes in the range of 1 cm2, because it has been calculated that this area is occupied by contamination occurring on the floor in the human daily life.

Without the protective layer a homogeneous coating has the properties that gives it the main component of PVC, which is part of the material along with plasticizers pigments and fillers.As the latter often acts lime or its analogs: kaolin or limestone.

As a result, the quality of the coating is significantly worse than claimed.Such additives occurs due to the high cost of PVC, and to recognize their presence can be increased by the specific gravity of linoleum.

If time does not detect a material with excess limestone filler, in the future it will manifest itself in the form of whitish bands appearing as surface abrasion. That they will be more delayed dirt, which would be virtually impossible to wash off the cleaning agents.

Linoleum antistatic coating has a focused destination

Many, choosing flooring, wondering whether commercial linoleum is harmful, and if so, how, counting at a small fraction of the negative properties close to their eyes - it was too largethe temptation to have a comfortable and durable underfoot.

Hoping no one to disappoint, we can state with certainty that the material in question on the environmental safety of all matches without exception, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. In addition, there are some types of coatings that increase your safety in a particular field: protection against sliding orstatic electricity.You can also find linoleum with the effect of sound absorption.

However, linoleum is antistatic, having a carbon filament structure, performs its functions only to a certain extent.This type of coverage is the absolute protection against static charges accumulating as a conventional conductive linoleum, can not provide, though, and has a threshold of up to 2 kV.The fact that in these ranges might do statics troubles such as discharge in only 100 completely erasing the information from magnetic media.

Even a small spark with a capacity of 50 V has enough potential to ignite flammable gases, so you should take other possible steps, if you need maximum antistatic protection.With regard to other areas of safety, the reduction of slip linoleum provides its relief surface (inclusions of quartz chips), and noise reduction due to PVC foam.