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August 12, 2017 18:07

Suburban area Landscaping with their hands , they need to know in the course of work ?

What factors should be taken when planting suburban area?

  • necessary to have information on the geographical area position, consisting of soil, microclimate. geographical position of the site, and in particular relief, allow to say what kind of landscape projects you can implement in a given territory.If the soil analysis is desirable to take into account the humidity indicator and the degree of fertility.The best considered and sandy loam soils.Checking data on micro-climate, it is important to know the extent of the illumination area.Since there are a shade-loving and light-loving plants.After collecting all of these parameters can be determined exactly which plants will be able to "get along" in the area.
  • The second stage is prepared project, which is indicated where it will be planting the plants.The project also shows all construction site, drawn boundaries of existing communications.A draft, should clearly imagine that you want to see on your garden plot, which is the flowers, trees, shrubs.T
    his is important to draw the paper and label zone.Conditionally can be divided into zones: lawn, house, garden, flower garden, garden, pond, and others.
  • The third stage is prepared the soil and plants. suburban area Landscaping with their hands is carried out in stages.First is to plant trees, shrubs, and then only after the flowers.If desired, you can also plant trees and shrubs and some vertical sections of the site (fences, wells, pavilions).This will not only provide a great element of decor, but will also hide some flaws.For example, the fence can mask irregularities.But this is clearly remember that any climbing plants need support, so they can only seat next to the vertical portions.Otherwise, the plant will "crawl" on the ground.

Gardening and landscaping suburban area: planting

Planting grass. first ground is prepared (equalized).For this purpose, harrow, and then the ice rink, which smooths the plowed land.Next section is necessary "to feed" fertilizers.They have been applied just before planting.Once implemented grass planting.

Grass is selected depending on the type of soil.Fertile soil can sow meadow bluegrass.Nonchernozem, poor soil can sow white clover.Future best lawn surrounded by a border that will visually separate the lawn area from the rest of the site.

flower beds and flower beds. Once decorated the lawn, you can start planting flowers.To do this is to determine the color scheme and type of the most suitable colors, as they should be in harmony with the overall landscape design in the area.

may be carried out landscaping garden beds of different types.Flower beds made of large flowers, carpet - from low flowering plants.For gardening space, you can also create a rock garden rockeries or.This requires ground cover plants, natural stones, as well as some groups of flowers (tulips, forget-me, daffodils and others.).

Some recommendations

  • When planting grass planting is best to use the lawn.It is much more practical and easier.
  • When planting vertical sections (hedge, fence) make better use of ornamental conifers.For example, it may be a juniper and arborvitae.
  • tree seedlings is best to buy a closed root system.

But perhaps the best recommendation may be - you want to contact a specialist.In many companies today make up an individual plan for gardening and landscaping.Also on the paper and do the zoning area.Turning to professionals, you will save yourself a lot of problems in the future.